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Last updated on May 3rd, 2013 in News, Setup

smart dns unlockSmart DNS service is coming to HideIPVPN very, very soon. We are hard at work to provide you with the most versatile and easy to use alternative to common VPN. Because we want to make sure you are completely happy with our SmartDNS servers, we would like to ask for your help. In our previous posts on our VPN news blog, we have told you, what Smart DNS service is, how it works and what differs  VPN & SmartDNS. Smart DNS should allow you to unlock geo-restricted sites on larger number of devices including Smart TV’s, multimedia players like Roku, Boxee or any other with XMBC software, game consoles like PS3 and Xbox. Of course all your VPN enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and computers will also be able to use it. As we have mentioned in our latest post, even devices with no VPN or DNS support can use such service in certain conditions. All you need to do is to change your ISP’s DNS servers to HideIPVPN Smart DNS servers in your home router. This way we have enabled Windows Phone 8 based Lumia 920 to access US Netflix from Europe. But there is one, very important condition for Smart DNS service to work this way. Services and sites that you wish to access have to be predefined on Smart DNS server.

Question: What sites & services would you like to use through HideIPVPN Smart DNS service?

As we have just said, Smart DNS service is only as smart as people who responsible for its configuration. In order for Smart DNS to work, it has to “recognize” that IP address (specific site or service) you or your application wants to access, is “the special” (geo-restricted) one. Such site (its IP address) has to be added to DNS server list. If it is not, your traffic will not be redirected (you will not be able to gain access). The way it works is both advantage and disadvantage of Smart DNS system over VPN connection.

It is advantage over VPN, because if you do not need to hide your IP address and access just your “local” internet, your browsing speed will not be affected in any way.

It is disadvantage at the same time. With VPN connection active you can (anonymously) access any site or service you wish, but all your traffic (even if fake IP is not needed) will be routed via VPN server. Through Smart DNS service only when server is configured to do so.

This is where you activity is needed. We need to know what sites and services you would like to access in order to add them to our DNS servers. Otherwise, as stated it will simply not work.

“Smarter” Smart DNS with your help!

We are looking to hear from you. Please, use comment section under post or visit us at Facebook or Google Plus. Tell us what sites you wish to use through Smart DNS servers. List of all DNS unlocked sites will be published before service is operational, but if you want your favourite service to work on day one, please tell us now.
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