TVCatchup VPN trick (watch UK TV live)

Last updated on September 2nd, 2021 in News, Setup

TVCatchup VPN trick (watch UK TV live)Probably quite few of you have hear about great British web service – TVCatchup. In short, this service allows you to watch for free (you should have a paid UK TV Licence) over 50 UK TV channels live (including BBC One, BBC Two, CBeeBies,  CBBC, all ITV channels, Channel 4, Dave and many others). Until recently it was impossible to access TVCatchup services via any VPN service or proxy servers as all of them were blocked by TVC. Now, how ever there seems to be a hole in TVC hard shell (no guarantees how long it will last!!). We would like to be perfectly clear on this. Because of TVC VPN policy we do not advertise our service as one that will grant you access to TVC streams. Trick we will describe in a moment might stop to work at any time. But until it does not, HideIPVPN brings news about it exclusively for its customers and fans.

Few words of explanation why TVCatchup is not working through any UK VPN (if you will find any other VPN service claiming to grant you access to TVC – it is not true! TVC actively “fights” and blocks all VPN providers). Until recently TVC has been sued by all British broadcasters, claiming that TVC has no right to stream their signal in the internet and service itself was treated as pirate broadcasters. With their case in court, TVC did not wished to give any excuse to their plaintiffs (companies that sued them) to shut the service. This is why TVC was much stricter about VPN’s that any other service (including broadcasters themselves).

Now, time for the trick! We will start with some bad news first. You need to use Windows 8 (fix VPN in Windows 8) in order to take advantage of this trick. How ever you may try the same on other platforms (please let us know if it will work for you).

  1. Go to your “Control Panel” and change region for United Kingdom
  2. Go to Windows store app and search for TVCatchup (hint: when you change your region to any other you will be able to download any free Windows 8 app not available in your country).
  3. Start TVC app. It will fail to play video as your IP address is not recognized as UK one. Don’t close this app just press “Windows” button.
  4. Start HideIPVPN service and connect to any of our awesome UK VPN servers.
  5. Hoover your mouse (or swipe from left) on left side of the screen and go back to TVC app, choose desired channel… and “Bob’s your uncle!” 🙂

We will be eagerly awaiting to hear if this trick has worked for you, good luck! Seems we have answered important question How to watch TVCatchup abroad in another words How to watch TVC outside UK.

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