What is the best way to unlock US Netflix in EU?

Last updated on July 15th, 2013 in News, Setup

Unlock US Netflix DNSThere is no doubt that Netflix, especially its US “branch” is one of the most popular one. People everyday google, search for the best way to unlock access to Netflix. On our site we have mentioned this subject few times already, but since every day new people are looking for this answer we thought it might be good to mention few facts, again. First of all you need to know that there is at least few ways in which you can unblock US Netflix. There is VPN, there are proxy servers, there is SmartDNS. Most people are overwhelmed with choice and feel quite scared when it comes to setup. DNS unlocking, security protocols, encryption. For 90% of “newcomers” this might sound like black magic. This is why we will try to help you out with this post.


…is very simple, especially if you download and install our Windows VPN or OSX VPN software – click here. VPN should be especially interested for those of you, who beside unlocking Netflix, Hulu or other sites in US or UK also would like to improve safety and privacy in the internet. Encrypted, virtual tunnel is created between you and VPN server. No one sees what you send or receive and no one can recognize your IP address. With VPN your IP is hidden.


…works and most of the time you will be able to find offers of free proxy access, but… it has its downsides. Unlike VPN it does not improve your safety and privacy and unlike SmartDNS it work only with selected software – mainly browsers. So, if you want to use proxy with game console or Smart TV, this might not work. And there is one more risk involved – do you know whose free proxy server are you using? As with Free VPN, sometimes it might turn out to be more costly than you think.


…is the newest add on to our service. Only few VPN providers are able to offer both VPN and SmartDNS. In our case the best part is, that if you decide to go for VPN package in order to improve your safety, in most plans you will also get choice of SmartDNS unlock of US and UK services. SmartDNS is very simple in setup. No downloads are necessary. You either change parameters of your LAN/WiFi connection as described in our FAQ, or change DNS server on your home router. Once that is done and your IP address registered with our DNS system you are free to surf the net almost on any device.

VPN and SmartDNS will allow you to access Netflix via browsers and applications on Windows, Android, OSX and other systems. Proxy will allow only internet browsers to work.

The most important however is that if you choose HideIPVPN you will be happy with any and all choices. Simply ask our customers at Facebook or Google + – they will not lie!

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