Free VPN (SmartDNS) giveaway #3

Last updated on November 30th, 2017 in Giveaways, SmartDNS

Free VPN US UKLast week we have started (again) to give away Free VPN accounts. So far you were able to get Free NL VPN (for those of you who want to be safe, anonymous and also use P2P and Torrent networks via VPN) and US/UK VPN (for those of you who wanted to be safe, anonymous and needed access to US and UK geo-restricted sites). Today, we will give you chance of getting third of our Premium products – Smart DNSRecently on our blog we have explained – “How to hide IP address.  If you have read those two short articles, than you already know what is your IP address, why is it important to hide IP or replace your IP. What is VPN, what it does and beside anonymity and safety in the internet, what are other benefits of using VPN on daily basis. 

As you know HideIPVPN has a great third service, that allows for uninterrupted and unlimited access and unlock of US and UK sites. If you are not concerned with privacy issues but are looking for a best way to unlock US video stream as well as easy unblock UK VOD sites, Smart DNS is a perfect solution for you.

Not only it will allow you to enjoy the likes of Netflix, Hulu, BBC, 4oD, Fox and many many more sites but it will also – work almost with any device (including Windows Phone and game consoles with no VPN support) and requires only single setup. What is more, if you setup your home router to SmartDNS, all devices in your network will be able to benefit and freely access US and UK sites.

Win Free Premium Smart DNS for 3 months!

If you want to see for your self how great our DNS service is, here is what you have to do in order to get chance of winning 3 months of Free Premium SmartDNS:

  1. “Like” and/or “+1” this post.
  2. “+1” comment that links to this article on our Google Plus profile.
  3. Write a comment (on Google Plus) using 3 #tags: #SmartDNS; #VPN; #contest – your comment has to consist of minimum 3 sentences (of course you do not have to use 3 #tags in each of them).
  4. Comments that we like best will be chosen to get SmartDNS prize. Of course our word and decision who wins is final.

Contest lasts until we say other wise (or run out of Free SmartDNS accounts). Good Luck to all of you!


This give away has ended!

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