Let’s “smart” New Year with Big Bang!

Last updated on January 3rd, 2014 in SmartDNS

SmartDNS awesome priceNew, 2014 year is here and HideIPVPN does not want to disappoint. You are all more or less used to one thing. Every single year prices ten to rise. Fuel, electricity, gas, you name it… we can bet that it is more expensive than it is used to be. Having that in mind we thought that we will surprise with new, lower price of our Smart DNS service. Before we give you all the good news, few words of what SmartDNS is for those of you who just found out about this option.

Unlock video streaming in US & UK sites with SmartDNS

Until recently best option to unlock Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, ITV and other US and UK video and music streaming sites was VPN. With few clicks, you could hide your IP, change and replace it with US or UK IP address.

This is awesome for general browsing of the web, downloading materials from the internet (via torrent or P2P networks) as it increases your security and privacy in the internet. With the right VPN, like ours, you are practically invisible in the internet. But streaming has a bit different requirements than simple, general use of he internet.

 If you are unlocking Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer you have in mind two things. You want to watch it on any device you want (got available at the moment) and you want to watch it in the best quality possible.

And because of that VPN (although good and capable of almost that) is not a perfect solution. First of all, you will have to change your IP address every time you want to access sites in US or UK. Without right IP nothing will work. Secondly device you will use has to support VPN protocols. This is a problem as Smart TV’s, game consoles or even some smartphones (Windows Phone) do not support any of VPN protocols.

Smart DNS makes all this issues go away. It will work with any of your devices and if you’ll setup your home Wi-Fi router to use our DNS servers you will not have change settings on any of your devices connecting through your home network.

Netflix or BBC iPlayer on your home TV? It is no problem with SmartDNS. Want to access any of VOD sites through Windows Phone 8, Xbox or Playstation – all you need to do is sign up for our SmartDNS and all those services are unblocked and ready for you to use.

SmartDNS got better!

And now time for big news. Because SmartDNS gets more and more popular with every single day we have managed to cut down its price. We hope that with this move it will get even more affordable for you.

Right now, SmartDNS will cost as follow:

  • 1 Month   $4.95 monthly
  • 3 Months $12.95  – only $4.31 / month
  • 6 Months $22.95  – only $3.82 / month
  • 1 Year     $38.95  – as little as $3.24 / month

There is no better, more comfortable and easier way to unblock and access all your favourite video sites.

As it was, SmartDNS will remain included in our Premium VPN service giving you complete control over how you use internet.

SmartDNS – lower price is available for everyone.

If you pay for you SmartDNS monthly or when your current package runs out simply go to our ordering page and purchase new SmartDNS package with new, lower price. Unfortunately we are unable to automatically lower price of your existing packages (sorry for that). If you have any questions or problem in this regard we are waiting for you at Facebook, Google + and of course you can always contact us via “Client Area”. We will do our best to make your transition as smooth as possible.

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