Smart DNS unblocks AMC TV

Last updated on May 8th, 2015 in SmartDNS

Smart DNS unblocks AMCFew days ago we have informed you about new TV channels added to our Smart DNS service. If you thought after that, that we went on holidays here is a proof we were working hard and now Smart DNS unblocks AMC!  

Mad Men, Braking Bad, The Walking Dead…

… to only name the few titles. We are sure you know at least one of them, but more probably all of the titles. If you have access to account of a US TV provider (through family or friends) with our Smart DNS service you can now enjoy AMC productions anywhere in the world on any of your devices running Windows or MacOS X.

However, AMC TV uses a bit different or rather more complicated method of blocking their content. It is not enough to hide IP address and change it for US one with USA VPN or simply use US proxy server. Because of that it will not be enough to simply activate Smart DNS, update your IP address on DNS server list and enjoy unblocked AMC content. Their VOD service ale checks for your time and date region. But don’t worry. If you use PC or Mac  it is very easy to change.

To unblock AMC on Windows:

  1. Click your clock (right side of Task Bar)
  2. Choose “Change date and time settings”
  3. Click “Change time zone” button
  4. Choose (UTC – 6:00) Central America
  5. Close all opened Windows by clicking OK

Done, you can now watch all content from website

To unblock AMC on Mac OSX:

  1. Click on Date
  2. Open Date & Time preferences
  3. Select time zone tab and chaghe time zone to (UTC -6:00) – Central America
  4. Confirm your selection

We hope that a lot of you will find this cool, that now Smart DNS unblocks AMC TV!


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