Smart DNS – unblock top geo restricted websites

Last updated on April 17th, 2015 in SmartDNS

Smart DNS - unblock top geo restricted websites

We have noticed that there is quite a lot of questions about geo restricted websites and Smart DNS. How does it work, what is required, what is better Smart DNS vs. VPN, and so on. We thought it might be a good idea to present you with some basic information on the subject. Hopefully we can clear some confusion on the issue.

How Smart DNS helps you to access geo restricted websites

First of all, Smart DNS is not VPN, that means that it will not hide your IP address, it will not change your public IP address, and it will not encrypt or secure your data in any way. This also means that constant connection (like with VPN server) is not necessary. You will surf the Internet with SmartDNS service active just as you do right now, without it.

If there is no difference, why would I want it?

It only looks this way because once the SmartDNS service is setup you no longer need to remember about it or do anything in order to use it.  However, Smart DNS will allow you to use all the geo restricted services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, HBO Go, Ipla, Iplex, TVCatchup, Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and many, many more.

When you ask (enter) for BBC iplayer, normal DNS server will transfer you request directly. If you are not connected to UK VPN server or are not actually in United Kingdom the only thing you will see will be this:


But with Smart DNS things work out differently. When you enter (or your application requests) such service, our DNS server check if it is on this “special” list. If this is true, request is made via very fast proxy server, that for a moment pretends to be you. This way service “thinks” request was made from the right territory and allows for video or music stream to work.

What is more, Smart DNS does not require anything special from the device you want to use – like VPN does. Hey, you do not even have to set it up on the device itself. All you need is simple change on your home router and you are done!

In order to keep this text clear we will not list all unblocked TV, VOD and music services here. There is over 130 of them! To find out exactly what services are available click here. And if you think we are still missing your favourite site you can let us know here.

But we understand you might not be sure if Smart DNS is the right service for you. This is why we want you to try before you buy. Simple registration, no credit card needed, no hassle. Just full access to Smart DNS for whole 7 days for you to play with it as much as you like. Simply, click the button below and try!


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