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Last updated on November 18th, 2013 in SmartDNS

Unlock 4odAs you know Windows Phone 8 has one major problem (from the VPN user point of view). It does not support any VPN protocol. From what we have learned in the internet, this situation should change when Windows Phone 8.1 will be introduced to the public. For now however, you can only look with envy at Android and iOS users. Those mobile platforms fully support VPN and its different protocols. This means that if you got one of those devices you got all (almost) you that you need… – apps, anonymity, ability to unblock access to services of your choice and VPN. But don’t worry, not everything is lost to WP users. It is true, that good VPN is an impressive tool, but do not forget about SmartDNS! 

Yes, it is true, that Smart DNS will not hide your IP. Nor it will provide you with anonymity in the internet,.SmartDNS will also not encrypt your computer traffic as does VPN. However, if streaming of video and music is concerned, there is no better tool than SmartDNS. For all your video unlocking needs SmartDNS is unbeatable! Now, since there is brand new 4od app for Windows Phone we thought it might make sense to remind you about all the benefits of SmartDNS – one of them is the fact that with little trick it works even with Windows Phone.

Get 4od on your Windows Phone device

1. Go to “Settings”.

Windows Phone BBC iPlayer via Smart DNS

2. Choose “Language + region”.

Windows Phone BBC iPlayer via Smart DNS

3. Change “Country/Region” to United Kingdom and click “Restart phone”.

Windows Phone BBC iPlayer via Smart DNS

4. When your phone reboots, go to Windows Marketplace on your device or use link above for remote installation.

Windows Phone BBC iPlayer via Smart DNS

Now, that your new app – 4od is available to use all that is left is unlocking access to this UK service.

As you probably know by now, WP8 options to change anything in the networks setting are extremely limited. But, as we have said SmartDNS (beside it being awesome for picture streaming), has one more advantage over VPN. You can easily share your SmartDNS account and access with all devices and users of your home network. Simple change of DNS settings on your home DSL router will result in full use and unlimited of this technology on all your devices. Simultaneously!

This means that with Android dongle your spouse, can watch her favourite show from Netflix on TV. Your kids can enjoy watching Hulu on their PC or Mac and at the same time, you can finally play with your WP8 device and watch latest “Homeland” episode presented to you via 4oD.

This is how great SmartDNS is when it comes to unlocking US and UK sites and sharing access to the service for many devices. If you are considering VPN as a streaming tool, definitely check out and test for free SmartDNS service!

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