Best way to unlock US and UK VOD in Middle East

Last updated on November 27th, 2013 in SmartDNS

Smart DNs unlocks...Do you travel to Middle East or Gulf countries? Are you worried you will loose access to your favourite US or UK VOD service? Or, perhaps you are looking for a way to unlock Netflix, Hulu or iPlayer in such location? If answer to any of those questions is yes, we have solution for you! The most popular way of avoiding regional restrictions of different sites is using VPN. With such solution you can hide your IP address, get invisible in the internet, make anonymous comments and replace your local IP address with US IP or UK IP. VPN is the easiest way to hide in the internet and get IP from specific region to unlock Netflix, HULU, BBC, Fox and many more services. But today VOD needs a lot of bandwidth. If you want to watch materials in HD quality VPN might not be perfect solution.

Unlock HD streams…

More and more services are allowing users to watch content in HD quality. Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer are only few to be named. Such videos means, that a lot more data has to be streamed to your device over the internet. Netflix itself is recommending a minimum of 7 Mb/s broadband for high quality materials. And this is where VPN might have a problem.

VPN is great, but…

“Speed” of VPN server or rather your VPN connection depends on few different things. Encryption, your device efficiency to encrypt and decrypt data and tunnel itself (how many other servers are your encrypted data passing through). Last mentioned point depends here from your and VPN physical location. The bigger the distance between you and VPN, the more and more your and VPN itself bandwidth will be cut. This is why we recommend to test all VPN servers in your package!

Excellent for HD video streaming….

Having all above in mind and knowing that not all of you might be concerned with privacy issues (if you are use VPN!), we have incorporated new technology and service – Smart DNS best to unlock VOD sites.

What is Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is a clever idea, where DNS server “understands” what site or service you are trying access. It also know what bits of data are used by this service to determine your geographical location. And only those packets are rerouted via servers needed to unblock access to streamed content.

No delays, you use your full broadband bandwidth, easy set-up and SmartDNS works almost on any device.

So, if you live in or travel to Middle East or Gulf are and want to access Netflix or other service from there – SmartDNS should be your choice no 1!

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