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Last updated on September 12th, 2014 in SmartDNS

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Another Friday is here. For many of us it means free weekend and plenty of time to kill. We will run, do shopping, meet with friends but also we will want to watch a movie or TV show. Something we did not have time to see or something we like and we would love to see again. Whatever your reasons are we will tell you how to unblock best VOD sites in the world and stream movies for free. 

Where to watch free movies safely?

First of all you need to know, that just simply putting phrase free movies or watch movies free in Google might be risky and frustrating. Most of the sites you will see on the top of the list are not what you are looking for. Most of them will pretend to offer you free movies, but at the end they will require for you to register (for “free” of course) and only by accident they will ask for details of your credit card.

Another type of websites with (in theory) free movies are the ones that will flood you wit popups, ads and that will lead you from site to site… you will click “Play” so many times that at the end you will forget what was the thing you wanted to watch. What those sites are doing is trying to breach your computer safety and install male-ware through your browser. Let’s face it. How many friends do you know, that do watch free porn online and whose computer was not infected with some… bad stuff despite of using antivirus software? With free movies it is exactly the same story.

Another type of sites are those that do look professionally, that do not ask for your C/C number but instead in order to proceed you have to install their special application/player. Do not be fooled! Installing such software on your computer is the very last thing you want to do!

So… it is all quite dangerous and potential gain is not worth the risk! – make sure you surf the web with antivirus and VPN shield to minimize the risk

Instead use official VOD services that do offer free streaming (or if you’ll uses P2P streaming make sure you are safe (*) ). The best  services you can use are BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Crackle. All of them are free to use but access to them is restricted with regional blockade.

How to unblock Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Crackle?

First thing you can use is linked above VPN. By simply changing your IP address you will get instant access to all sites and services restricted to certain region. However we have a better, cheaper and more versatile service for TV and music streaming. Unblock HULU, unlock Crackle and BBC iPlayer with single tweak of your DNS settings.We talk about Smart DNS unblock. Simple weak and you no longer have to activate VPN, switch servers, test if the current VPN speed is OK for HD streaming. Proxy DNS service we call SmartDNS will do all that for you.

Try and unblock free US and UK VOD services (and live TV) for one week – no purchase necessary, no credit card necessary!


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