Benefits of using VPN apps on iOS and Android

Last updated on May 23rd, 2017 in VPN

Benefits of using VPN apps on iOS and AndroidThe high functionality offered and supported by smartphones has seen them reach the hands of people all over the world. People today just cannot do without their smartphones, for they have the features of a laptop or a computer and are of course much easier to carry around.

Besides making phone calls and sending text messages, people today use smartphones for almost everything, which includes using the internet. Now, although smartphones have all the capabilities of laptops and computers, they do not offer similar protection to people’s data on the device, especially when a user accesses the internet through his or her smartphone.

Then again, there is also the issue of the government monitoring the activity of people on the internet as well as data snoopers eavesdropping on your activity. To tackle all these situations, VPN is a good solution for laptops and computers. What’s more is that there are now VPN apps available for smartphones as well.

Need for VPN apps

There are many needs for using VPN apps. We take a look at them:

1. Internet censorship – This has less to do with smartphones than with the internet usage. Since people use smartphones for surfing the web so extensively, it is vital that they take the necessary steps to prevent the government and non-government agencies from monitoring their activity to maintain their privacy.

2. Communication censorship – It is well known that many governments today monitor all telephonic conversation as well, be it phone calls, text messages, IM services or VoIP. Although VPN apps cannot help you in case of regular calls and messages, they can help you in keeping your IM texts and VoIP communication private since they encrypt the internet connection.

3. Data security – VPN apps encrypt all the data you share on the internet. People today use smartphones for making online payments of all kinds, so it is vital that they ensure the data is confidential and secure while they share it.

How VPN apps help

The need of using VPN apps on smartphones, irrespective of whether they are iOS based or Android based, is highlighted above. Now we see how VPN apps can help people out.

– VPNs apps take away the need for manually configuring the VPN on your smartphone. All you need to do is download the VPN app and you are good to go.

– They keep your data secure and confidential when it is being shared on the internet

– They help you remain anonymous as nobody can see your internet activity or location because your true IP address is masked

– They are really easy to use and offer protection to you even when you use your smartphone for accessing the internet.

Almost all VPNs provide setup instructions for Android and iOS devices, but not all of them provide dedicated VPN apps. It is a few VPNs like HideIPVPN that provide VPN apps for their customers so that they can simply download the app and reap its benefits.

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