Best Smart DNS in USA – get the best out of your plan (1)

Last updated on August 27th, 2015 in SmartDNS, VPN

best Smart DNSWe know that our SmartDNS or we should rather say best Smart DNS is very popular in Europe. However we would like to give some hints to our US VPN customers, how they can best utilize their VPN and Smart DNS package. Today we will try to help you get the best out of the best Smart DNS service!

VPN & Smart DNS – best mates!

Although most of you decide to get the full service package – VPN & Smart DNS, the later one is still quite popular as stand alone service. Before we get to the main subject of todays post first few words about VPN itself and why it might be smart to get a full package.

VPN allows you to increase your privacy while browsing the web. It encrypts all the data you send to Internet and receive from websites. This means that your local ISP will not be able to track your moves or even detect if the data you exchange are from P2P or torrent networks. Same goes for blocked sites in your specific country. VPN will not only unblock them but also will help you hide this fact from anyone whom might want to “know” that you did this. Free porn sites are good example of such thing. Also, with choice of different IP addresses from different countries you can beat any geographical blockade.

And the best thing about our VPN is that it comes with best Smart DNS included?

Why Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is best where movies streaming is concerned. We have mentioned that many times over, but it is still the fact. Also some of you still get pros and cons of both services mixed up. Two major advantages of Smart DNS over VPN are speed and versatility. Lets start with later one.

Best Smart DNS = versatility, because it works almost always, even without you noticing it and on practically any device. Your device dos not need Smart DNS support (like it does to have VPN support built in) in order for you to use it. Set it up on your home router and all devices in your network will be able to take advantage.

Best Smart DNS = speed! And this is very simple but comes with one rule! Where VPN needs to send all your data via VPN server (sometimes located thousands of kilometres away from you) Smart DNS needs no such thing.

But all those details we will give you in second part of our best Smart DNS post.


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