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Last updated on March 22nd, 2013 in VPN

eu flagIf you were ever wondering what VPN service should you choose for yourself, we will try to convince you that there is few reasons we are convinced HideIPVPN is the best option you can go for. From the VPN service that you choose you will need following: need flexibility, good prices, quick customer support, proven quality and freedom of choice of what you do in the internet. HideIPVPN Premium VPN packages can give you all that and more. HideIPVPN service has it’s main activities based in Europe. This means we are up, when you are up. In case of any problems or when you need our quick response – we will be there for you.

Our packages are always straight an simple – you always know what you pay for. If you need to unlock US sites such as HULU or Netflix you simply can go for our cheapest US VPN package for only $5.99/month. If you are a Brit on holidays or you simply want access to all BBC TV goodies in France, Germany or any other country – unlock UK sites with our top selling UK VPN package.

Many of you will say… “OK, but what if I want to unblock & access sites in US and UK, what do you have for me?” – On such occasion we have actually 3 VPN plans in store. Check out our Premium VPN offer and look at VPN packages for $9.99/month. With any of them you will get unlimited access to US and UK sites and on the top of that you will be rewarded with access to VPN servers based in Europe. Why is it important? All our servers do guarantee, that your IP is hidden when you are connected to VPN server. However those “local” servers guarantee you complete anonymity and full privacy protection also in P2P and torrent networks. You can upload what you want, download what you want, you can even use BitTorrent Live and your real identity will not be revealed to outside world.

For those of you who travel a lot we recommend our Super Premium VPN. With all those 26 VPN servers waiting for you, all VPN protocols you will always be able to find VPN server that will suit your bandwidth needs in your location.

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