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National Cyber Security Alliance VPN

We talk a lot about on-line privacy, need for additional safety, we inform you how to hide IP, how to stay invisible, about dangers in the internet. Today we would like to quote few thing from “National Cyber Security Alliance” blog. We hope they will be a good proof that we do not blowing this out of proportion. Before do show you what NCSA has to say about need for VPN. For knowing potential dangers in the internet and that you should always use internet wit caution (especially where exchange of your sensitive data is concerned), let us tell you few words about Alliance itself.

Cyber Security is important for all of us

NCSA’s mission is to educate and therefore empower a digital society to use the Internet safely and securely at home, work, and school, protecting the technology individuals use, the networks they connect to, and our shared digital assets.
In a climate of persistent threats, securing cyber space is a responsibility we all share.
Securing the Internet and our shared global digital assets—cybersecurity—is critical if we are to achieve the potential of an empowered digital society capable […]”

If you read posts on our blog, than you know that very frequent we worn you about use of unsecured, public Wi-Fi networks without aid of good VPN. Here you have some additional tips (found on NCSA blog) that should help you be better protected.

Safe public Wi-Fi –  use of VPN and other tips…

Airports, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, dentists, libraries and even public parks offer public access to Wi-Fi for free. 

Surfing unsecured hotspots can open your data pipeline to some very unsavoury characters. […] Let’s say you find yourself sitting at a local coffee shop taking advantage of the available Wi-Fi. You’re searching the web for an affordable gift […] Credit cards in hand, you chat with friends on Facebook pleading for any last-minute ideas before making a purchase. […] many things that could go wrong with your unsecured shopping experience, but anything else requiring your login info while you’re on that free Wi-Fi connection […] This is precisely the type of situation that could lead to identity theft, access to files on your computer’s hard drive, or full disclosure of any private information you send or receive over that network.

Here are a few of the ways you can reduce the risks of using public Wi-Fi:

•   Encrypted Wi-Fi – Wherever possible, choose a password-encrypted network […]

•   HTTPS – Using websites that utilize HTTPS (rather than standard HTTP) may help you in some scenarios, but this remains limited. […]

•   Avoid Firefox password saving – If you’re using Firefox, it is recommended that you do not use the browser’s built-in password saving tool, because it is unencrypted […]

•   Unknown public Wi-Fi networks – Avoid joining unfamiliar public networks, as they may be bait set up by hackers looking to steal your personal information. In airports, for instance, hackers have been known to create networks such as “Free Wi-Fi” […] (we can not count how many times we have warned you about it!!! – HideIPVPN)

•   File sharing – Disable file sharing while you travel to prevent hackers from stealing private data from your device.

•   Disable automatic Wi-Fi connecting – Ensure that your laptop, tablet or smartphone is not configured to automatically connect to open networks within its range.

•   Protect yourself – One of the best things you can do for yourself while browsing via public Wi-Fi is to do it through a proxy or VPN service. The added layer of protection establishes a private network overlaying the public network preventing a hacker from intercepting your data.[…]” – by Vernon Irvin, President/CEO Virtual World Computing

We hope that we have convinced few more of you not to take you privacy and security in Internet lightly. And if you are convinced using VPN might be a good idea simply click on a banner below and enjoy lowered VPN and SmartDNS prices.

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