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Last updated on November 7th, 2014 in VPN

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Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, live British TV, Sky, HBO Go, iPlayer, iplex and so on… With good VPN and SmartDNS ways to watch new movies and TV show online are almost endless. However for some of you this might not be enough. With that in mind we have decided to update you on the Popcorn Time app.

Before we go further let’s make one thing clear. HideIPVPN stands with the opinion that everyone should be paid for their work and products. This is why at all times we advise you to use official alternatives to BitTorrent network when possible. We also understand that our first responsibility to you, our users is not to judge but to hide your IP and keep your identity and online tracks secret for as long as you do not breach our ToS.

What is Popcorn Time – should I care?

Popcorn Time is a beautifully designed, multiplatform BitTorrent client. The main difference between this application  other Torrent clients is, that its main purpose is not download of the content but direct streaming of movies from torrent network. You have to remember though that you are still downloading (copyrighted in most cases) content. So if torrent or Peer2Peer downloads in your country are banned you might run into problems if you will not use additional precaution.

Again, if you are not hang on the newest movies using Netflix, Crackle, Hulu and similar streaming services that are Smart DNS unblocked might be equally rewarding.

Popcorn Time and HideIPVPN

New Popcorn Time client can be downloaded here. It was created as its previous version required the domain name to work. Since previous one was suspended by the EURid team behind software had to come up with solution and new domain. Claims are the new version will work even if the new domain will get suspended again.

Now it is time for some safety issues. As you know, HideIPVPN Team is always a bit suspicious when things are offered for free. Free VPN, sites with free movies quite often in the past have proven to be the bait for unsuspecting users. We do not say this is the case here, but again we do advise caution. The best way to use Popcorn Time is with VPN connection enabled. Our VPN service is something you know for years now and it is something you can trust. This is why we would recommend to use Popcorn Time with our NL or German VPN connection active. Our VPN servers in Holland and Germany allow for secret and unlimited P2P and torrent data exchange. The best option to try is Open VPN protocol. It should guarantee smaller delays and good encryption of exchanged data. Rend regardless of which of our VPN servers you will choose , we guarantee your IP will be secret!




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