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Last updated on November 19th, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

hideipvpn loveIt is no surprise to anyone that no company can exist without customers. HideIPVPN is no exception form this rule. This is why almost every day we work very hard to give the best VPN service we can. The same goes for Smart DNS – our younger unblock service. Some of you may have noticed that we are also one of the few companies that do not invest much in “traditional” advertising. 

We try to rely on you, our customers. We would like to invite you today to share your experience with us with others.

Why did you choose HideIPVPN?

Remember that time when you have first learned about VPN technology? Were you looking for ways to hide your IP? Or perhaps you wanted to unblock restricted content on – line? You probably have used Google to look for what…”unblock Netflix”, “unblock Hulu”, “what is VPN?”, “hide my IP”, “change local IP to USA”, etc… We can bet, that as today you will find plenty VPN options too choose from. So, how do you know which one is good, which is trustworthy VPN, that will have your back. Same goes for SmartDNS service. Yes, there is option for 7 days free Smart DNS trial, but still. You have to register, give away some of your details.

This is why we started to wonder what made you trust us and choose HideIPVPN above other VPN providers. At the same time a lot of you stays with us for a long time. This must mean that we do a good job of keeping your identity secret – that you like the options or VPN gives you, or VPN and SmartDNS applications for Windows and Mac. Not to mention quite frequent promotions on our VPN plans like current – Thanksgiving & Black Friday VPN sale with 50% OFF discounts.

Having said all that we would like to ask you to share your experience and thoughts about our VPN with us and other users. Yes, we believe in personal recommendations. But at the same time we want to know what you are happy with and what not.

Please, use comments below to write and share what you have experienced with HideIPVPN. If and why would you recommend us to others. We will be thrilled to read your VPN & SmartDNS story. And who knows…. if we like it we might surprise you 😉

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