Cheap VPN = good VPN?

Last updated on July 24th, 2015 in VPN

cheapvpnIn most cases quality of product or service goes with it price. If you buy cheap, Chinese product instead of more expensive, quality one you do calculate the fact that it may fall apart quickly. Is this true with cheap VPN service? We don’t think so and we will give you few examples why!

Cheap VPN = bad VPN?

No! Definitely not,  if you choose well known and reliable service like ours. We do not throw words to the wind. You can test our cheap VPN for free without any further commitments.

Still not convinced? Visit our Facebook profile and simply ask our customers if they like our service. But enough about our cheap VPN. Are there any other cheap and yet good services or products?

Sue there are! Lets start with something you might know very well. Netflix. Expensive as iTunes where you buy movies or HBO Now…? How about Spotify? It is free and for sure awesome! Or maybe Hulu? Again free service and like cheapest VPN simply great. But that is not all…

Expensive = awesome? Nope…

But lets take a look at the opposite side of scale. The expensive things. Are those things always worth the cash you pay? There is plenty of VPN services out there. Most of them a lot more expensive than ours. Do they give you Smart DNS included for free in their plans? Do they offer access to only fast (up to 1 Gbps per user) VPN servers? From what we see no. They do say they offer a lot more VPN servers in some exotic countries. However does it really make any difference to you if in most cases those VPN servers are very, very slow?

And lets take a look outside VPN world. Apple products. We do not deny they are great. But are they really so much better, more powerful, more expensive to make to justify difference in price? Is iPhone so much better than top Lumia or  Xperia? We do not think so. Is power cable for “iDevice” really better than simple USB? Price would suggest so…

To sum up. As we said… in a lot of cases you get what you pay for. However VPN is not one of those things. Try us and you will get awesome and reliable service that you can trust. Simply cheap VPN that is great VPN!

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