Choosing VPN – what made you choose us?

Last updated on January 11th, 2016 in VPN

choosing vpnOn our blog we talk about VPN, Smart DNS and all things that are connected to them. How to unblock Netflix or Hulu Plus. How to get HBO Now outside USA. How to better maintain privacy online, how to secure data. Amongst others we also talk about choosing VPN. Right service, right package. This is very important to choose right VPN for your needs. Today we will also talk about choosing VPN but  from a bit different perspective.

Choosing VPN by HideIPVPN

Since we have tried to advise you on choosing VPN on many occasions let us try to summarize the most important arguments from our point of view.

  • VPN service helps you cover your tracks in the Internet. Regardless of the way you connect to the internet, your online activity is always your private thing. Your ISP is not able to see what places you visit and what sort of data you download. If using torrents is frowned upon by you ISP – VPN will have your back.
  • VPN service is also additional safety feature when using public, open networks. If they are setup to steal users data with active VPN it will be very difficult to accomplish. And for sure a lot more than access to devices unsecured by VPN.
  • VPN can hide your IP address (you all know that) , through this users is also able to choose his new IP address, from what country it will originate. Before introduction of Smart DNS, VPN users used this feature to unblock restricted content or services form other parts of the world. And they still do. But all this is just a fraction of how and why people use VPN. This is why we would love to hear from you.

Choosing VPN by HideIPVPN users

Our perspective, what we think is important might be a lot different from yours. We would love to know your story behind VPN. What made you look for VPN, how did you find us in the Internet jungle? What made you choose our VPN service above others. And what made you stay with us?

Most interesting comments will be thanked for with small surprise from us :-).

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