Do you remember about HideIPVPN Formula 1 2015 promotion?

Last updated on April 17th, 2015 in SmartDNS, VPN

F1 2015 VPN Smart DNSAs you probably know HideIPVPN Team (at least some members of it) are a great Formula 1 fans. Because of that we have convinced the rest of the team that for such occasion a special approach (promotion) is needed. So, here we go!

4th round of Formula 1 Championship – Bahrain Grand Prix

We know, from our own experience that there are three major issues with F1 TV broadcast. First, it is not broadcasted in every country. We got no idea why there are people who are not excited about cars going fast on race track, but it is the fact. Secondly, even if there is a broadcast on local tv channel most of the time it is simply bad. The best example of it would be Polish Polsat and what they are doing to viewers and F1 itself. Thirdly, as Grand Prix weekend is run on Saturday and Sunday (as this is usually weekend) not all of us are able to stay at home.

Answer to this problem is very simple. Watch TV online from United Kingdom. All you need is VPN (to get UK IP address) and/or Smart DNS simply to unblock the broadcast. However, there is small downside to all this. Not all GP weekends are free to watch. Some of them (F1 TV broadcast calendar can be found here, as well as more detailed info about promotion) are broadcasted by SKY and it’s Sky Go online service. If you do not have access to Sky account you will not be able to access it even though we have unblock this service.

Time for good news! This round of Championship is broadcasted by British BBC One (as 8 more races this season!). This means it is free to watch for all of you via BBC One website, and All available via our  UK VPN & of course SmartDNS.

If you want to watch best racing drivers in the world get premium VPN or Smart DNS (monthly billing cycle only) and use promo code “F12015“. We will give you 50% off on your next 8 payments. Enjoy!


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