Does your Mobile needs a VPN?

Last updated on May 23rd, 2017 in VPN

Does your Mobile needs a VPN?The overwhelming rise in the demand of VPN services in the last few years had made it evident that people have finally understood the benefits and need to use a VPN. Perhaps it was the revelation of how easy it is to steal one’s personal information and then use it that made people open their eyes to how vulnerable they are and how necessary it is to use a VPN. VPN services obviously make your system much more secure when you are using the internet. However, there is another question related to the usage of VPN. That question is whether it is viable to use a VPN on your mobile.

Why Mobiles Need a VPN protection

Before we begin this discussion, it is worth noting what brought this matter into discussion in the first place. The number of people using mobile devices and the functionalities in modern mobiles is an indication in itself as to why one would target mobile devices to cause problems to a person. Mobiles are a huge pot with more than just the person’s text messages to read or their images to leaf through. Mobiles today are used for almost every purpose.

From making online transactions to accessing privileged corporate information, mobiles are used for a wide variety of purposes which makes targeting them such a ludicrous prospect. That, along with the minimal security that most mobiles are equipped with, makes mobile devices utterly prone to the activity of hackers.

The concept of BYOD which was introduced in many big corporations some time ago is another aspect to take into consideration, for it encourages workers to use their personal devices to access company data in their workspace. Its security vulnerabilities have led to people calling it Bring Your Own Disaster rather than Device. So then, let’s take a look at how VPNs can help.

How VPN can help

1. Protecting your data, wherever it is stored, is always something you should look to do. Since mobiles are used to store and share sensitive information like credit card details, etc., they need proper protection. VPNs can help your mobile phones be more secure when sharing sensitive information over the internet.

2. Everyone uses mobile phones to use public wifi networks. Public wifi networks are also the breeding grounds for many data snoopers and eavesdroppers. They are savvy of the fact that mobile phones today have huge stores of data that they can use to cause damage to a person and that they can be bypassed with relative ease. VPNs protect your device when using a public network as they connect you to their own servers, keeping your identity and activity hidden from harmful agents.

3. Although VPNs are not helpful when it comes to encrypting voice communication, they can be substantially useful in digital encryption. This includes data shared over the internet, as well as communication over VoIP services like Skype. So, your Skype conversations can be encrypted as well using a VPN. This is quite useful in today’s world, where governments are known to monitor not only regular phone conversations but Skype conversations over mobiles as well.


As we saw in this article, it is absolutely necessary for you to use a VPN for your mobile if you are a corporate user. Corporate users frequently access and share sensitive data using their mobile devices, so a small hack could lead to massive loss for the company you work for. For casual users, if you use your mobile for sharing personal data or accessing unsecured networks very often, then VPN is a must for your device as well. However, if you do not use your mobile excessively to access and share sensitive data, then you may continue to refrain from using them as a VPN subscription comes at a fee.

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