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Last updated on September 8th, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

download torrents safelyAs we said many times over and over again we are not extremely happy about people using torrents to download copyrighted materials. But at the same time it is our duty to let you know how you can download torrents safely with VPN service. With this post we hope to reach those of you who are new to torrent and P2P world and simply want to try. Having that said, we truly believe, that the likes of unblocked Netflix or Hulu are much better choice. So… you are online, you found site wit torrents you like all you need to do is click to download. Right? Well, no if you live in a country where downloading copyrighted material is considered a crime. Even if it is not, if you are not luck your IP address may be chosen by one of those “pirate fighting” law companies. If this happens you will receive a very unpleasant letter asking you to pay for all the damages you have caused.

Hide IP – download torrents safely with VPN

Luckily for you, you have found our site before you have started. If you really want to try torrents we have something that you have to use. Torrent VPN servers. These days there are two things, that are important when using torrents. Speed and anonymity. HideIPVPN can provide both of these.

First of all our P2P VPN servers will hide your IP address and provide you with complete anonymity. Once connected to the VPN server you no longer have to worry about lawsuits, police knocking on your door or anything of this sort. Secondly, because we make sure our VPN servers do not get overloaded with users and traffic you can expect great transfer speeds, even via VPN. Simply take look at the simple internet speed testes just did.

First, this is how our broadband works without VPN:

download torrents safely

Now the same test again, but this time with our fast VPN torrent active:

download torrents safely

As you can see drop in speed is hardly visible for such busy VPN server. However, depending on your physical location you will get different results with different servers. This is why you should test all our P2P / Torrent enabled VPN servers before you commit to specific one. Ok… test is one thing. But how the downloads really work? Here is how:

download torrents safely

Less than 35 min for over 3,5GB data on average torrent file. We would say it is not bad. 😉

Don’t compromise your privacy – download torrents safely

Last two things to consider. Our great free VPN app available both for Windows and Mac OSX can work with torrents when you are at work or at school. If you setup download our VPN application will monitor VPN connection. If it drops it will terminate indicated software. After it automatically reconnects to VPN server terminated program will be restarted. And don’t forget. Most of our VPN packages have torrent VPN server included as well as other great service – Smart DNS – to unblock best streaming sites in the world!

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