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Last updated on August 23rd, 2022 in VPN

Popcorn Time VPN

As you have probably noticed, we do not often write about Torrent VPN and P2P file exchange via VPN. We all know what is it all about and although we do allow torrent traffic on our VPN server (DE VPN and NL VPN only!) we always try to first, point you towards less morally questionable sources.  At the same time we can not ignore that there are cool things surrounding whole P2P and Torrent “thing” but as it comes with risks involved we feel we owe you a warning.


What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is now a new way to enjoy all the best of P2P and Torrents where movies and TV shows are concerned. We bet, you all know how Torrents and P2P work. You need to have a download client, you need to find a right place that announces torrents. Sometimes update of tracker list is also required. After that, when you are all set all you have to do is wait. This was the main problem with torrents (beside the fact that downloading and/or uploading copyrighted content is illegal in many places). If you wanted to watch a movie or a TV show you had to think ahead and plan. Popcorn time works differently. It is sort of a Netflix Equivalent for torrents. Very nicely done client presents you with titles to watch. You simply make your choice, click and watch. However you need to remember it is still a torrent client and as such it has kept all its cons. These are the facts that you are not streaming but downloading and playing locally copyrighted content. And because you are using Peer 2 peer network you are uploading materials. This means you are either breaking law in you country or (even if torrents as such are not prohibited in your location) you might be a target of law firms – copyright trolls that will try to extort money from you (and they do from time to time go to court with Internet users).

VPN – be invisible online!

Popcorn Time creators have thought of that and client itself is equipped in a free VPN option, but… Yes, there is always a but. Why is it free? And if it is free… is it safe? Running a VPN server (or few) for thousands of people from around the world does not come free. Trust us, we know best how hard it is to keep prices at attractive level and at the same time to have the best servers, sufficient data limits and customer friendly staff. If you take all this under consideration you have to ask yourself a question… how come this one comes free with no strings attached. From our end we can only say that it is worth to ask such question and give it a minute of thought.

This is why we are giving you an option. Use Popcorn Time (if you have to) or other P2P/Torrent clients but with our Torrent VPN. There is one more reason, why our offer is worth considering.

If you want to have a proper experience with movie watching you do want VPN that is trustworthy, reliable, etc… But also one, that is really fast.

So, to summarize. If you have to rely on Torrents – try Popcorn Time, but do it proper way. Connect to separate VPN service and if you can, use SoftEther VPN protocol for this purpose

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