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Last updated on October 10th, 2015 in VPN

smallWe have described what VPN is and how it works many times already. But we know that a lot of you can have problems with imagining how it all works and how is it all connected. We ourselves do have problems with “technical mubo-jumbo” when it comes to fixing cars or cooking ;-). With that in mind we thought that we will try to present you with infographic to better explain where VPN is and why secure VPN is important.

Fast & Secure VPN – what is it all about?

Lets start from the top of the graphic. There is your device – PC, tablet, smartphone, game console… anything really. There is only one situation where data you store on your device are 100% secure. It is when you device is not connected to any network. But the world today requires us to stay connected. And as soon as we are connected to the internet in reality we are connecting to many (and we MEAN! many) different computers and servers.blogfinal_

Than (if you are at home or if you are using your GSM data bundle) there is your home router (this it the best place to set up your free VPN add-on – Smart DNS). However if you connect in a different way (especially using public networks) there is a good chance that this is the first place data from your device or data you exchang
e can be stolen – if you do not use secure VPN.

Next, we have your Internet Provider. Again, if we are talking about your own ISP there is good chance that your traffic and connections are monitored against P2P / Bittorrent traffic Рagain, secure VPN is your solution for that problem. If not, if it is a public network in a pub or simply an open network next to popular tourist spot [coincidence?], there is a good chance it was set up with one purpose. Not to help you with being online but to collect data from as many devices and users as possible. Exactly as above Рwhat you need is secure VPN. Right after ISP we have the most important link in this chain Рsecure VPN servers. Our VPN servers. Their are the first and last line of defence. After that we have free, wild and sometimes dangerous jungle Рthe Internet.

Now, if you look closely you will notice that connection between you and secure VPN servers look different, than the one between VPN servers. The reason for it is VPN encryption. Thanks to VPN before data will leave your device they get properly encrypted. This means that it is very hard to actually sniff your data as their format does not look like standard e-mail, web browsing or something ordinary. Secondly, because you are using encrypted connection even if they will get picked up they will be unreadable to anyone beside you (your device) and our secure VPN servers.

Past those servers data are send with the use of standard internet protocols. You can not send encrypted data to any service you want to use as (we have just said it) they would be not recognized. For example, Google would not know you are looking for a restaurant or a torrent file. But! Because there is VPN between you and the world, all the world “sees” and recognizes as you are our secure VPN servers.¬†And with no logging, caching or storing any of your personal data on those servers… well you are almost perfectly secure against most hackers and sniffers. Those users without secure VPN layer between them and the internet are much easier target.

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