Win free SmartDNS for 3 months – contest!

Last updated on April 11th, 2014 in Giveaways, SmartDNS, VPN

Smart DNs unlocks...It is Friday we thought it would be nice to finish the week with some cool accent. We have looked at our recent blog activity and we were struck by the fact, that it has been quite a while since last give-away or contest. Let us try to fix this situation. 

Why we love SmartDNS?

There is many reasons why HideIPVPN Team loves Smart DNS – yes, this is another name for Smart DNS services. It is light and simple. It does not require any technological knowledge to set up. It works with internet connected gadget you have. Even if DNS change is not possible to setup on a specific device you can still use it to stream your favourite music or TV to your screen. Like magic! Our DNS server is constantly on and waits for you or your devices to request access to US and UK unblocked sites.

No more borders, no more regional restrictions. And you do not have to worry if you did hide your IP behind correct VPN server.

Now, we wont to know why you love SmartDNS, why do you prefer it to “traditional” virtual tunnel crated by VPN to change IP.

Free Smart DNS proxy – contest rules!

When you finish riding this post, go back to our Facebook Wall and right below tell us why you love SmartDNS? Remember, only comments placed as discussion below this entry on Facebook will be taken under consideration.

And here is where the first trick is! If you want to win, your comment has to get “Likes” ask your Friends or colleagues for help. (few) People that will get the most “thumbs up” over the course of the weekend will be rewarded with 3 months of unlimited, uninterrupted SmartDNS access!

Second trick is simple – you need to use two out of those proposed #tag words: #HideIPVPN; #proxy; #vpn; #contest; #netflix; #hulu; #love; #hate; #weekend, #iPlayer; #unblockus; #unblockuk; #free.

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