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Last updated on December 8th, 2014 in VPN

Hide IP with VPN


And it does not matter if you live in USA, UK, Poland, China, Russia or Iran. In each of those countries and almost all those not mentioned above every single person using the internet needs a VPN now.

The sooner you will realize this, the better for you. Of course reasons and impact of not using VPN will be slightly different in each country. Never the less it not something you wish to try on your self! Right now, graphic presented above should not ask “What if…”, it should state – REMEMBER – They are watching. 

The more your government knows about you the better…

…for the government.

First, government in countries like Iran, China, Russia (and unfortunately a lot more) wants to have an influence on what society thinks & understands. What are public views and opinions. Everyone knows that it is fairly easy to influence local media, TV, radio, etc. Story is significantly different where it comes to internet, with its all foreign propaganda.

Looks like very tough times are coming for internet users in Iran. Their Minister of telecommunication, Mr Mahmoud Vaezi was quoted saying: 

In future when people want to use the Internet they will be identified, and there will be no web surfer whose identity we do not know,” – source

Looks like a good VPN service that will provide anonymity is a “must have“!

ACTA, SOPA, GCHQ, NSA – this are all well know phrases to people in USA and Europe. We have covered that subject many times. If you truly want to stay private and anonymous what you do online. If you want to have a real choice (and influence) over what you share with others, again anonymous service, that will hide your IP (like VPN) is must have.

We have mentioned Poland as well. Beside obvious reasons just mentioned above Poles have another problem. Online gambling is practically illegal in Poland. If you’d want to use one of popular services with “BET” in their name you will (sooner or later) be a target of investigation. Right now (as we read) there is over 1000 people under investigation because of illegal online gambling. Their real IP addresses will be one thing Custom Service will use against them.

This is we we urge you – GET VPN – your IP is your ID!

And don’t forget  – with our VPN not only your identity will be hidden. We will also include free of charge awesome SmartDNS service to unblock popular video streaming sites!

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