Is VPN safe?

Last updated on May 23rd, 2017 in SmartDNS, VPN

200_200Is VPN safe? That is really very simple question. But as it is usually in life answer is not as straight forward as one may think. We will try to answer it in the simplest possible way and point out things you should be careful about.

Is VPN safe? Yes, but…

There is always a but. Not to worry though. This time around this “but” is fairly obvious. Let’s start with reminding what VPN is and what is it used for. VPN is a virtual tunnel in internet. It simply creates an encrypted connection between two computers (yours and VPN server). And although in reality such connection is never direct (because we create a virtual tunnel) it works exactly like one. Such connection is encrypted with one of VPN protocols (like SoftEther VPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP or OpenVPN).

Each of those protocol uses a bit different techniques to encrypt your data. Also, they all have some upsides and downsides – for example not all of them are available on all OS platforms. Thanks to those VPN protocols no one can “look inside” your tunnel. No one can sniff the data you send/receive or even try to locate real target/source past the VPN server you are connected to. In order to break 128-bit long encryption key it would take approximately 1 billion years – this is the number of possible combinations to “guess” the key!

You need to remember, that free VPN is not always safe VPN. It would not be the first time around when a free service turned out to be something entirely else. Secondly, even with premium VPN service there are dangers. What is the log policy of VPN provider of your choice? Is it – NO LOGS – like ours or not? It is also important to know where VPN provider is registered. Place of registration will also say if there are no logs indeed (all telecommunication companies registered in EU are required by law to store logs). HideIPVPN is a US company and as such is not required to keep any logs. Never the less it might be a good idea to check what was providers real policy about logs (and users identity) in the past – have they shared their information about their clients with anyone?

Only by checking answers to such matters you will know answer to question – is VPN safe? But to save you time trust us and our clients – our VPN is safe!

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