Piracy “helps” Netflix + thing to know about Holland

Last updated on September 17th, 2013 in SmartDNS, VPN

Netflix Holland VPNDoes service like Netflix needs further introduction? We do not think so, but in order to be on the safe side (Netflix, we will give you some free marketing now 😉 ), in case you have just started using Internet and getting top VPN was your priority (welcome to HideIPVPN) let us clear few facts. 

What is Netflix and how can I unlock it?

Netflix started as “DVD by mail” rental company. With evolution of the market Netfix has also evolved. First it was introduction of streaming services. Natflix has realized that some of us are simply lazy but also that not all of its potential customers live in the big cities, with easy access to mailboxes. Streaming of movies, VOD service gives a company additional potential to grow and expand its customer base. Slowly, Netflix became the biggest and the most demanded VOD service in the world. All fast VPN services, including Premium VPN from HideIPVPN focus these days on two things. First is to guarantee VPN users top privacy and anonymity features. These include option to choose different servers, VPN protocols and encryption methods. But all these would be nothing, if VPN provider would not be able to guarantee smooth and comfortable streaming of video via its VPN network from the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

A day came and Netflix has split its service into two desperate services (plans) for its customers. US customers can still rent DVD’s but they can sign up to streaming plan only. As, thanks to our super VPN can you! Once reorganization of Netflix has been done, company could focus on two-way strategy.

Reach as many people as you can and offer exclusive content.

Unlock Netflix with VPN or SmartDNS and access its different libraries!

In terms of exclusive content you can google for following titles to find out if Netflix is worth your money. “House of Cards”, “Orange is the new black”, “Lilyhammer” – all these are great shows to stream and available only from Netflix.

The best way to get to new customers and secure “global domination” is making netflix available to more and more people. This is what Netflix is now available in Canada, United Kingdom, South America and since 9/11 in Netherlands!

It is important to know, that because copyrights and its protection are very, very complicated subject Netflixx offering vary in different countries. Of course biggest Netflix library is for US users. So if you live in any other country in the world this is mot likely your first choice. Use US VPN or simply unlock US via SmartDNS and you can access all US Netflix library. The same goes for UK access. Now with our SmartDNS service you have choice of which Netflix library you want to access.

Access Netflix with NL VPN

As you know, we have special P2P/Torrent VPN plan. Until now, it wast mostly used for safe and anonymous use of Torrent and P2P networks. Especially in countries like France, United Kingdom, USA, etc. where download of copyrighted material can end up in a very nasty way.

Right now you can use our NL VPN servers to access Netflix in Holland.

Netflix uses data provided by torrent networks.

But don’t worry. They (unlike RIAA and others) don’t mean you harm. Netflix (like HBO where “Game of Thrones” [most pirated show ever] was concerned) came to conclusion that P2P and torrent networks give them free marketing data of how to build their library. What are the most popular films, shows, genres, etc. Since they have to add thing to library that will sell, that people want to watch it is best to see what people are actually looking for. If movie or show is downloaded many, many times there is good chance it will be popular with Netflix customers. Or even might convince few people to drom Torrents and join Netflix instead.


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