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Last updated on February 24th, 2014 in VPN

Hide IP with VPNWith one very big event behind us and another one ongoing, we would like to remind you that everywhere where you use public networks, you can become a target. It is especially true when a lot of people from different places is coming together at the same time. Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are over it is very good opportunity to tell you about some hacking problems that quite few people had encountered. As soon as they did connect to public networks their devices got hacked. And you do not have to take our word for it. Simply read Huffington Post article.

As you will find out it did not took long for hackers to get to data stored on different devices. We are certain that VPN would make things a lot more difficult for any hacker.

Currently , another big even is Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona. People interested in technology from all over the world will come to see newest smartphones and tablets announced by manufacturers. They will be exchanging emails, photos, tweets, Facebook status with their friends, family or readers. In order to do all that they will have to use Internet. And the best and easiest way to connect is to use free public (unsecured!) Wi-Fi networks. Not only that, they will be paying for lots of stuff, food, rooms in hotels, they might be “googling” for museums and other attractions.

Events like MWC2014 or Olympic Games in Sochi are awesome targets for hackers! Lots and lots of people in the same area, occupied with something else than their own security. People tend to loose focus if we are excited about things. And how can you not get excited when you (most of the time with group of friends) are watching your favourite atheists fighting for gold or (as in case of MWC) looking at the latest gadgets. In the evening you all go for a snack or drink, to relax.

In such large group of people, all using unsecured networks with different devices chances that you will (if you are a hacker) find some easy targets are almost certain.

Use VPN – don’t be a victim!

With that in mind it is even more important to take advantages of technology you know – VPN. As soon as you establish connection with open Wi-Fi network fire up your VPN connection. Encrypt your data, hide IP address, don’t make things easy for hackers. You can bet that they will not waste time on you, if there is so much of an easy “prey” all around.

Also, with VPN you can be sure that hotels will not block your access to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. In some cases, networks in hotels can throttle (make connection slower) if they will  recognize you connect to streaming websites. With VPN active they will get no such chance!

And since we are on subject of MWC. How do you like new Nokia X Android phones? Do you think it is good move from Microsoft to try mobile system of their main competitor?  We are looking for your opinions on Facebook and Google Plus!

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