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Last updated on February 8th, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

nbc-olympics-logoWinter Olympic Games are now hot topic all around the globe. Some of you are interested how your countrymen will go against athletes from other countries, some are looking for news around all political aspects of the Games. Of course the main reason for most of you is to follow all sport events. Unfortunately, with the way we live not it is not always possible, we work a lot, we travel a lot. It is simply impossible to take our cable subscription with us as it is not to take our TV set. A partial solution to the problem is the internet and all streaming services you can find. Why partial? Because in most cases services like that have a limited range of availability. As soon as you leave specified region or country you favorite video or music streaming website will say that requested content can not be displayed in your location. Don’t worry HideIPVPN has the best solution for unlocking video streaming websites and today we make it even better!

SmartDNS unlock NBC OLYMPICS streaming

As you know, HideIPVPN tries to make its services better, easier, more pleasurable to use. With that in mind we have come up with the best solution for all those of you who like to watch videos  from different parts of the world – Smart DNS.

SmartDNS is an efficient and simple service that allows to unblock Olympics streaming sites in USA and UK. Because of Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 we have added new streaming service. Now you can unblock nbcolympics site. It should be very interesting for all those of you that are forced to travel outside of US and otherwise would be cut off from all NBC broadcasts about games.

We hope that this latest add on will make your SmartDNS video unlock experience even better. Please bear in mind that access to UK BBC Two is fully unlocked with both our UK VPN & SmartDNS. Also, remember (if you are not a subscriber) that SmartDNS is available from as little $3.24/month!

If there are any other US or UK sites you want us to unlock – let us know!

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