#StayAtHome free movies – TubiTV unblocked

Last updated on March 27th, 2020 in VPN

We are in a tough and completely brand new situation right now. Although different types of pandemic have been forecast for a long time now, no one really believed it will happen to us. It’s a bit like with all those movies about California going under or a big asteroid hitting the Earth. And despite the fact that the pandemic was (and as you can see is) a lot more probable nobody took it really seriously.  Now, that we do have it you should really take the #StayAtHome advice truly earnestly.  The fewer opportunities for the virus to spread and infect, the sooner it will all be in the past. So…. #StayAtHome free movies will help with that! To make your time at home “easier” we have added a new video streaming source to our Smart DNS unblocking service. This news might especially be interest to those of you, living outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Mexico. These are the only countries where the service is officially available.


#StayAtHome, watch free movies –  TubiTV… is it any good?

Now, what is TubiTv and why you might be interested? TubiTV is a USA free VoD streaming service. It offers free access to over 15k of movies and TV shows. It is the largest independently owned video service in the United States with over 20 mln, active users. As we said, service is completely free of charge and you do not need an account to watch the content. Similarly to other free services TubiTV is ad-supported. However, during our tests we found them to be hardly an issue.


How to unblock TubiTV at home

TubiTV is available on PC/Mac/Linux via any browser as well as Android and iOS. In order to get access to the service, please connect to one of our VPN servers (only VPN servers located in the USA, Canada, Australia & UK will work). But if you want to stream movies and TV shows from TubiTv via PC/Mac and your Smart DNS access is all set up, you don’t have to do anything else. Just access the site, select the title and enjoy. Lastly, a very important reminder. The same goes for HBO Go & HBO Now.


#StayAtHome – here is why!

We can not emphasize that enough. Please, #StayAtHome. The more of us will take this “simple” advice to heart, the sooner it will all be over. And if you do not have a HideIPVPN account yet, click below and check out how it all works!



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