Stream Orange is the new black 2

Last updated on June 21st, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

Orange si the new black 2
If you are a Netflix fan and user this post will be merely a reminder. However, if you have just found out about this great show this post might help you learn the most comfortable way to watch it.

Unblock Netflix on any device, anywhere!

“Ok, everyone speaks about Netflix but it is not available in my location” – this is a very common problem for many user. There is a world wide hype surrounding Netflix these days. Even though it is not available in most countries people seem to be accessing this streaming service anyway. How is it all working?

Ok, lets start with some basics. Your location, country you connect to internet from is recognized by users IP address. This address is given to you by your ISP and there is nothing you can do (without HideIPVPN’s help) to influence your location. Even if your IP address is dynamically assigned (meaning it changes every time you reboot your router) it will still belong to the country specific range. Another problem is, that with certain on-line services (Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, Crackle, Spotify, Pandora, and many, many more) you need an IP address from specific country, not just any other, than yours.

This is where we come in to help you! Through our network of VPN servers located in different countries, for example US VPN server to unblock US Netflix you can “change” your IP address (in a way). To be exact your own IP will remain as it is, but since your connection to all other sites will be made through intermediary  – the VPN server – it’s own IP will be recognized as you. VPN is the most common and easiest way to unlock access to geo-restricted sites. This however is a solution that has requirements. The first and most important one being, is that device you want to use, has to have VPN support built in. And this is not true for Smart TV or game consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. So what then? HideIPVPN has an answer! A proxy DNS solution called SmartDNS. Instead of transferring your traffic via VPN, our DNS server recognizes which data packets have to be routed vie fast proxy servers located in different countries. This way, even if you can not make any DNS changes to your device, you can do that to your home router. And this is enough! So, now that you know how to get your hands to Netflix let introduce second season of “Orange is the new black”.

Why is OITNB so special?

It is one of the first exclusive Netflix titles. It is a great story, very entertaining to watch and unlike in case of all other TV shows by AMC, HBO, etc. you can binge watch it. Netflix is known to publish tier shows all in one go. And why is it better than torrents?

If you got internet access, with VPN & SmartDNS you can watch it anywhere, anytime. Netflix will remember what episode you watched last or where you stopped. Once you try both – SmartDNS & Netflix (perhaps on your big TV?) you will never want to go back to pre-Netflix era.

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