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Last updated on October 31st, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

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31.10 gave us an idea for post directed at UK users. We got Halloween (don’t miss our Halloween VPN sale), very soon holiday brake. In the middle of all this there is one thing we all like – TV. We all like traveling but at the same time almost all of us do like our daily routine. Part of it is TV. Different show we watch every week, football games, races, etc. As much as we are happy with going somewhere we do not like the idea of not watching the stuff we are used to, especially if we are talking about live sports. In this post we will try to explain internet users from United Kingdom, that with HideIPVPN service they can have both – great holidays, fun with visiting family abroad and at the same time they can keep access to their favourite channels.

Use VPN in public places when traveling.

This is the first rule. If you ever use your internet enabled device with public, open Wi-Fi hotspots. If you think we overstate problem just use google and search for phrases about public wifi security and how to secure data and device on such networks. You will notice first of all, that danger of loosing your data and privacy in such situations is very real. And secondly that VPN is a very good (and really working) solution to this problem. Once you are connected to VPN no one on the same unsecured network can see your data and access them or your device. If you consider that on such networks there will be users without VPN shielding no one  will waste time to hack to your device if there are much easier targets. So, whenever (also in Britain) you are using open network – do activate VPN, just to be safe.

And if at the same time you want to keep access to your favourite UK based services – BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Now TV, ITV player, TVCatchup, TV Player, etc. – simply choose our awesome UK VPN. Not only you will get access to 9 VPN server located in United Kingdom (that will give choice of 9 different UK IP addresses) but also our superb Smart DNS service will be included free in your plan.

Use SmartDNS and watch UK HD TV online – anywhere!

SmartDNS unblocks UK web sites in a bit different way than VPN. Your data is not being encrypted and your IP remains unchanged. However if you are in safe environment you will be spared some VPN deficiencies like connection delays.  Also, you should be able to use our Smart DNS technology almost with any device. So, if you want to watch F1 USA GP live on your friends TV in Spain, Italy or Morocco just setup your device or friends home router to our DNS setting. Fire up access to Sky Go TV and enjoy broadcast live exactly as at home!

For complete

list of unblocked UK sites and services, please visit our Smart DNS information page via link above.

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