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Last updated on October 4th, 2013 in SmartDNS, VPN

Unblock NowTV abroad

HideIPVPN is the best VPN and Smart DNS provider in the internet. We have no doubt about this. Only our VPN plans give you freedom you need, flexibility you want and anonymity you look for. And only our SmartDNS service gets better and better with passing weeks. Today we bring you post about fairly new UK steaming service with premium content – how to unblock Sky’s Nowtv.com form outside UK. 

We have wrote about Nowtv powered by Sky already, when the service started. Since it is one of the stronger competitors of Netflix in UK we thought it needs a bit more space on our blog.

Watch Sky Sports and Sky Movies abroad, on holidays – unblock SKY TV

We know our service is quite popular in UK. British internet users have a need to hide IP address. Now, after PRISM scandal, VPN in UK is a “must have” feature for any person that spends even only few hours per day in the net needs to use VPN. Remember guys, your ISP (internet service provider) has to keep your browsing history in his logs. Every single step you make in the internet can be checked. All it needs is fraudulent, dishonest employee. Such person might search data bases for users visiting certain websites and in some cases (if such person works for government agency) even content of your e-mail and other details can be accessed.

You need VPN in UK…

Also you need to remember, that use of P2P and Torrents for download or upload of any copyrighted material is illegal in UK. And since “entertainment lobby” in UK and USA (they are the guys behind ACTA, SOPA and others) is getting stronger, there is big pressure to find, target and sue as many people as possible.

What it all has to do with Sky and unlocking NowTV?

Well, since you need VPN on daily basis anyway, we would like to point out that can find additional use for this feature. If you are football fan, if you like any sports presented on SKY (including F1), if you like movies you can now unlock NowTV not only via our best VPN but also SmartDNS service. SmartDNS is included for free in most of our VPN plans. If you live in UK you might want to change your VPN plan before going abroad, to make sure will keep access to all unblocked UK TV channels.

For all the rest of you not living in UK. You should have no problem with registering for NowTV service. As Netflix, if you provide UK address it should accept your credit card for monthly payments. Good news is that as with Netflix, you get your first month free of charge!

Unblock UK TV with Smart DNS

Unlocking Sky NowTV with SmartDNS is very easy. If your run Windows PC, we advise you to install our Free DNS and VPN application. If you want to use it on more devices either follow our tutorials for Apple TV, iPad, Boxee, etc. or simply change DNS setting on your home router.

We have tested SmartDNS  unlocked NowTV and it works perfectly on iOS devices and in browsers. If you have any questions about VPN or SmartDNS-  find us  at Facebook or Google +.

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