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Last updated on October 1st, 2013 in SmartDNS, VPN

Watch 4oD UK

As you remember from few days ago, we have started new cycle on our blog, about UK VOD and video streaming sites. All UK TV services we mention can be easily unlocked from any place in the world, for you to enjoy anytime anywhere. Today it is time for second big family of channels available via UK VPN or SmartDNS service. 

Story of Channl 4 (and now actually a whole family of channels) started in 1982. Right now it is publicly owned by Channel Four Television Corporation with headquarters in London. Right now whole “4” group consists of many ventures, for us however the most interesting are VOD services and live TV, both available to our UK VPN and SmartDNS subscribers.

Watch live UK TV with SmartDNS

All our Smart DNS service subscribers can enjoy very easily a large amount of TV shows and movies brought to you by Channel 4 group. SmartDNS (sort of VPN without encryption or intelligent proxy) is the best method for video and music streaming. It is fast, very fast. Extremely easy to use. It works almost on any device. If you change DNS settings on your home router you will be able to enjoy the same services you do on your PC or Mac on devices without VPN support. Wht is more it will also work with devices that do not allow for any more advanced network changes like Windows Phone 8. Best of all anyone can try our Free SmartDNS service. For 7 days without any limits you can tray (and enjoy) all Free VOD services in UK and USA (like Hulu, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC and many more). Simply register, setup (as instructed) and watch! But remember, SmartDNS is not VPN!

Hide IP with VPN – watch TV and be anonymous

As we have just said, SmartDNS and VPN, although appear to do similar thing are not the same. SmartDNS only reroutes parts of traffic (data) need to unblock access to UK or US video and music services. After that everything you do, you do under your own IP address. What is more, if you access any other site, that is not related with SmartDNS unblock your traffic will flow as it did before DNS change. This means that your and all your internet activity is fully visible to all others, including your ISP.

This is where best VPN kicks in. To become invisible in the internet you need two things, hide IP address and encrypt your data. VPN does both. It will replace your IP address with VPN server’s IP and secure all data exchanged with the outside world. And because it will change your Spanish, French, Polish, German, US or any other IP, you can actually choose to what other IP address you yours to be changed. Today we need UK IP. As with SmartDNS, you can try our Free UK VPN – for 3 hours, without any other limits!

Unlock VPN and SmartDNS trick to remember about…

Before you start watch any of the shows on any of the sites, both via UK VPN or UK Smart DNS in case of your PC you will have to change your time zone to Britain. It might also be necessary on other devices accessing those streams via web site.

Now, that all technicalities are behind, let’s see what you can get form Channel 4 services.

Channel 4 – you can access all other services from this site. It will allow you to watch current content live or move to 4oD which is equivalent of BBC iPlayer or ITV Player (both fully unlocked with UK VPN and SmartDNS) and catchup with selected programmes and shows.  Worth to visit is also E4, that also has option to “Watch Live” presented programming.

If you are wondering what you can watch from this provider… let us give you few titles: “Homeland” , ” Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Rules of Engagement” and many, many more. Some of them will only be available to “Watch Live” (check week schedule for each program), some will be accessible via 4oD service.

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