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Last updated on October 11th, 2013 in SmartDNS, VPN

Unlock Sky UK

As you may remember few days ago we have unlocked for all of you free and unlimited access to Sky’s NowTV service. Right now if you got account with this service you can enjoy full access to all VOD movies provided by Sky service as well as Sky Sports channels. NowTV is now fully accessible for all HideIPVPN customers vie both our best VPN service (our packages allow you to hide your IP address and change it to UK IP or one of other offered locations US IP, NL IP or DE IP) customers and users for the best streaming solution for geo-restricted sites SmartDNS. Today, we have even more good news! As we have wrote at that time, NowTV is not the only service provided by Sky. Customers of this digital TV platform are also offerd access to live TV via Sky’s Sky Go services. We have asked for your help with accessing this service and we were lucky. Thanks to one of our users we were able to do our SmartDNS magic. Right now, you can take your iPad, laptop or any other device that allows for Sky Go access in UK and enjoy your live Sky channels anywhere you want and need!

UK users – should I choose VPN or SmartDNS

Because Sky services are available for UK users let us first focus on the basic question they will ask, when they will visit our site for the first time, looking for ways to keep access to their Sky service abroad.

In general, all you will need to watch you favourite Sky channels is account with our SmartDNS service. Smart DNS was created with streaming of high quality video from region (geographically restricted) restricted sites. However you need to know / remember  that although SmartDNS is great for video streaming it is not designed in any way to help with your safety, anonymity and privacy.

For all such purposes – hiding real IP, changing IP address to one from another country, hiding traffic from your ISP – solution to use is VPN. If you live in UK and are not concerned to much with issues of your on-line security (we think you should be) SmartDNS will be great to use.

While in the UK you will be able to access all sites and services restricted to US territory and when you travel abroad you can access all your TV channels from UK. Sky, BBC, ITV and more.

At the same time, if you are cautious, you can choose one of our great VPN packages.

VPN is like anti-virus – must have!

As antivirus, it will help to secure your data, your identity and your privacy. Your ISP will no longer be able to spy on your internet activity. If you will be using internet through open, free hotspots, with VPN you can be certain that no one will steal data from your device – you bank account number, passwords, etc. The best part of such choice is that you will not be limited just to VPN connections. When you want and need you can still enjoy all that SmartDNS has to offer as this service is included for free in most of our packages.

Choice is yours!

If you have any further questions join us at Google + or Facebook where we will answer all questions you might have!

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