US IP – unlock US – why and how?

Last updated on September 10th, 2013 in SmartDNS, VPN

Unblock US“Land of free and the home of the brave” – USA. For many people around the world the ultimate goal. For internet users USA is a country with the best VOD and music sites and services. Simply the most seek after source of IP address.  

Why unlock US?

US has one of the biggest economies in the world. This means for a lot of companies (not only US based) it is one of the most important markets in the world. This also means that most of new sites and services target US citizens as their most important clients. Also, as it happens biggest film and TV industry (at least cash wise) is in US.

How to unlock US?

What all this means is that entertainment industry is US is very rich with offers and, that in theory it is unavailable to anyone else. But it is only theory. When you google phrases like “How to unlock US”, “How to unblock US sites” or (if you are looking for way to access specific site) “How to unlock Netflix in Germany”, “How to unblock Hulu in UK” you will find 3 options. Unblock US with VPN or access US sites with proxy or (this method on US unlock is more and more popular) unlock US with SmartDNS.

Once you know how to watch your favourite site or service – Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Fox, NBC, ABC, Crackle, CBS and many, many more you will search for the best way to unlock US content.

Free proxy, free VPN… it is all good, but way from perfect and comfortable. Proxies are unstable and hard to find. Not to mention that you do not really know who is behind such free services. So you go for best VPN provider and we hope that it is our US VPN you will find and choose.

US VPN to unlock USA

So, what are your options of US unlock with HideIPVPN. As we have said, first and the most popular is US VPN. In this range we offer you choice of 4 different VPN packages with access to US VPN servers. Our VPN servers ale located in different places in US so regardless of where do you live – Europe, Asia or any other you will be able to find US VPN server that is best for your location. Once you have you VPN package selected, we strongly advise to test all servers that are available. The easiest way to do it is to install our free Windows VPN application or free OSX VPN app.

Additional benefit of using our app is the fact that you can easily choose not only VPN server you want to connect to but also type of connection – SSTP, L2TP, PPTP (search our VPN blog for more info about  VPN types & encryption).

Important factor of VPN that is worth to remember is increased privacy and anonymity. If you live in a country where accessing and using american services is not welcome – VPN is your best friend!

Unblock US with Smart DNS

Second, mentioned choice for unlocking US is Smart DNS. It is best for those who are not to concerned with privacy, but want to use services like Netfllix on wider range on devices (not all of them have VPN supprt). If you search our blog, you will find advice of how to watch Netflix on TV with Android dongle. Also, we would like to remind you that with recent update, our SmartDNS will allow you to choose between US Netflix and UK Netflix. Smart DNS will allow you to access many more sites than just Netflix. Click SmartDNS on the top of our site and you will find complete list of all US unblocked services.

Premium VPN & Premium SmartDNS

are your best choices for easy and comfortable access to all, cool US sites and services. If you have any questions – we are waiting for you on Facebook and Google+.

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