US IP address – all you need to know

Last updated on August 24th, 2016 in VPN

US IP address - all you need to knowAlthough this post is directed at Internet users from USA, most of the points mentioned below will be valid for any user. Once you connect to US VPN server and obtain US IP address it does not matter what IP you leave behind.

Why VPN? I already have US IP address.

This might be the first question you’ll ask if you connect to the internet from within USA. We do have to say it is also one of the most important ones. The main reason why you do want to use VPN is safety. Safety of your identity, safety of your data, safety of your privacy. When you use your “ordinary” IP address provided by your local ISP, you do become a target. First of all your ISP is logging all your traffic. That means data of your online habits, journeys, sites and services you visit are stored somewhere on a server. As you know security breaches do happen and such data sometimes are available to buy.

Secondly, because your IP is in a way identifying you online a lot of other companies are interested in who you are and what you do. Big Data thing – gathering as much information as possible about single person is a fact. The problem with it is that you do not have much control over what info and by whom is collected.

And thirdly, there are hackers and others who might want to pray on you. With VPN not only you are hiding yourself and your devices behind VPN wall, but also make hard for anyone to look in or steal your data. Once you start VPN connection all of your traffic is encrypted. This not only means that information is unreadable. It also means, that it will be impossible for anyone “sniffing” your network to know what sort of data you send or receive. Is it Skype call or is it stream from a porn site.

Got US IP address – how else can I use it?

This is the best part. If you would change your original US IP address to a VPN IP but from a different country you’d notice that a lot has changed for you. Most of the sites and services you do use on daily basis would recognize you as a foreign visitor.

With US IP address from VPN nothing changes. You can use all your favourite VOD services (except from Netflix – it does not want you to stay secure) like Hulu, CBS, Fox, Crackle and so on. You can safely log to your bank accounts – this is especially important if you happen to use public Wi-Fi networks.

If you choose our offer we guarantee no logs. Beside that access to 9 different, shared US IP addresses. You will be able to use super fast VPN servers. Each is capable to offer bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps per user. Of course with us there is no contract. You can go for 1 month plan or choose a different billing period. Not sure yet? Test our service using our 24-hours free vpn trial?

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