Yet another reason to use VPN…

Last updated on May 4th, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

malware… and perhaps leave “the dark side”. Our post today was inspired by TorrentFreak article about malware and scams. As you know, HideIPVPN is one of the VPN providers recognized by TorrentFreak as worth recommendation. We work hard, to bring you honest service and a real advice where your safety and anonymity online is concerned. This is why we have decided to warn you.

Join “The Good Guys”

Three years ago we have posted an article recommending you to join the “light side of the force”. We thought, that perhaps some of you might consider using services like proxy unblocked Netflix or Hulu as a good alternative to torrents and P2P sites. Today we bring you yet another reason that it is a move worth considering.

VPN for torrent & P2P will protect you, but…

…not from every thing. Yes, you are right in thinking that with our P2P torrent VPN you can use such networks, download and upload files in complete anonymity. In this regard you are 100% safe from any preying eyes. Your ISP, anti-piracy organizations or anyone else (including hackers) will not be able to trace your IP. But is it the only risk you face when visiting torrent sites? Or sites that offer you “free” stream of newest movies? If you care to remember, we have also posted an article stating that there is nothing for free.

We are certain you are familiar with buttons on such sites statin “Download”, “Play”, Play free movie”, “Unlimited streaming”, etc.. that do not do what they are claiming to do. In reality most of the times you are being redirected to a different site, or you are asked to download (and install) some sort of software, or add on to your browser. And lets face it. If you do download such programs to your own computer even the best VPN service will be useless.

To make our point let us quote TF:

“New research carried out by analysts from Intelligent Content Protection concludes that 90 percent of the top pirate sites link to malware or other unwanted software. […]

[…] only 1 of the 30 most-visited pirate sites didn’t link to unwanted software or credit card scams.

[…] of the 30 top pirate sites, “90% contained malware and other ‘Potentially Unwanted Programmes’ designed to deceive or defraud unwitting viewers.””

Scary, isn’t it? With above in mind we would suggest you the following.

  • Use VPN at all time when browsing the internet, especially when you visit “this kind” of websites.
  • Never!!!! Download and install any software or add-ons to your computer.
  • Always be mindful with what you click on such websites

Consider if it is really worth to risk your safety just to watch new movie today, if through VPN and SmartDNS proxy you have access to so many legal and safe alternatives like Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, HBO Go, ITV Player, BBC iPlayer and many, many more.

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