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Last updated on October 19th, 2012 in VPN

In this post we would like to point out few things about how VPN access can be useful to those of you working with and creating websites. As you know for site and product that is presented on it to be successful means to be visible in the internet. To be visible in the internet it means to be (mostly) visible for the search engines. Different websites appear (under the same search keywords) in different search engines and (this is more important)  in the same search engine but in different locations. Let’s say that you are a SEO specialist or a web developer and you clients ask you to expand its market reach to a different country. In theory it should not be a problem. You prepare a website in a target specific language, use all the necessary keywords but there is one thing you are unable to do. You can not check how will your clients customer see and discover page you are working on. This means that (if your customer is unlucky with his product) he can blame you for the failure. “My product don’t sell because my site is not visible in this region”. Perhaps it is true?

This is where VPN servers and HideIPVPN service specifically comes to play. If you can connect to our VPN servers, than if website you are working on is meant for one of the countries we have servers in you can see exactly how it is ranked in that region, how is it shown in search results. All your work and efforts black on white to show your customer.

Some of you will point out that spending money on VPN service is a waste since one can use free proxies. We can not agree and we will tell you why. First of all – there is nothing like a “free lunch”. Free proxies appear and disappear – this means that almost every single time you want and need to use one you have to search for it. Secondly it is like with Free Hotspots you can never be sure to what you actually connect to and who runs it. Do you want to sand all those data through uncertain intermediary?
Proxies are working with browsers only – if you have to use a certain app to test service provided by your web site – how can you do it? And lastly… imagine you are in the middle of the important meeting with you client. Do you really want to waste 30 (or more) minutes to search and set up working proxy to show you client how it is all working just to find out halfway through, that your free proxy has gone offline? Or perhaps good & reliable VPN service is something you can use both for work and pleasure (Hulu, Netflix, BBC, etc…) :-)? Did we managed to convince you?

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