VPN for torrenting safely

Last updated on May 16th, 2017 in SmartDNS, VPN

vpn for torrentingTorrents and P2P networks are not something we mention often on our blog. However, we believe that it is not up to us to judge you. Our job is to deliver you the best service you deserve and to make sure you are safe and anonymous at all time. So today we will tell you (remind you) – to use VPN for torrenting.

Use VPN for torrenting safely…

We have hesitated a bit before preparing this post about “How to Use torrents safely?”. After all there is so many other ways to watch good movies – Hulu, Crackle, HBO Now, etc. And all of them are accessible with our VPN or Smart DNS service. Nevertheless, quick look into Google shows that biggest and well established tech portals do warn their readdress about dangers of BitTorrent use. They also mention quite often how you can secure yourself from potential problems and use torrents safely.

Having said all that we feel complete absolution. So lets get to the main subject.

VPN for torrenting safely – go for HideIPVPN

If you happen to visit our blog and web site for the first time the most important thing you need to know is – what is a VPN service and how it works. Although it sounds very complicated it really isn’t. No true technical knowledge is needed to use and benefit from VPN technology. VPN is a special, encrypted connection between you (your device) and a VPN server somewhere in the internet. Because (as we just said) VPN connection is encrypted no one – not your local ISP or anyone who would want to monitor your traffic (if you send/receive torrent or P2P data) can see what is inside.

Secondly, because VPN server acts like an intermediary between you and online world. For any websites, programs, services and also ant-pirate organisations that are monitoring BitTorrent networks you, your true IP address (and localization) are not visible. All they can “see” is the VPN server you are connected to. Nothing behind it. That means, that there is no risk, that such organisation will ask your ISP for your details to send you bill for downloaded or uploaded movies. Nor your ISP will send you any warning letters.

If use of torrent networks – meaning downloading music and movies is not allowed in your country you should get a VPN to use torrents safely! We strongly encourage you to test our services. We remind you that P2P and torrent traffic is only allowed on our VPN servers in Germany and Holland. You can either get a VPN plan that includes them or (if you are only interested in torrents) our P2P/BitTorrent VPN package.

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