Torrent users: noone is safe…

Last updated on May 7th, 2014 in VPN

piracyFrom time to time we bring you stories about torrents, P2P and dangers that are involved with downloads of copyrighted materials. As we wrote many times, we suggest other, legal alternatives of getting you favourite entertainment for the internet. But as your ISP gives you access to the internet (it is up to you – how will you use it), we give you on-line anonymity through VPN and as with your broadband – it is up to you, how VPN and its benefits will be used.

“Oblawa” – The Chase – word for word…

In the recent years we brought to your attention cases, where users were sued for download (and uploads) of copyrighted materials many times. USA, UK, France, Holland, Germany had all taken part if fight against piracy. However we were quite sure that (at least in Europe) there are still places that can be considered as “safe havens”. Recent article found at Spidersweb, proved us wrong.

Up to 100.000 users targeted by lawyers!

“Obława” is a Polish film produced in 2012. Cinemas sold over 200 thousand tickets but additionaly 100.000 people downloaded this move of the internet. Because of that producers asked lawyers and piracy experts for help. Effect of such action was instant! One of “law advice” forums in Poland starts to be flooded with posts about letters received by mail. In those letters, law company is asking users to pay 550 zl (approx. $183) as a compensation for download (these are allowed in Poland) and upload (sharing copyrighted material is illegal in Poland) of movie and breaking copyrights.

But how lawyers got my IP address and my home address?

Producers of “Oblawa” have asked for help Baseprotect. A German company that specializes in protection of digital content and monitoring of  peer – to – peer networks. With list of IP addresses at hand (you do know that your IP is your ID!) Polish court issued a warrant that obliges ISP’s in Poland to disclose details (name & address) of broadband owners that had their specific IP addresses, registered by Baseprotect. As you can see (this is not only where torrents are concerned) – if you don’t hide your IP you can be easily found (and in some cases or countries even without court order)

Solution: how to not get caught?

You will never get caught if you don’t break the law. This is very simple and true fact. Instead of torrents and P2P consider official alternatives – Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant and many more allow you to watch almost anything you want. Yes, that sometimes comes at a monthly price, but at the same time you can be sure that by using Smart DNS proxy to unblock web sites you will never receive a letter like the one mentioned above.

Alternatively, you can use fast VPN that allows torrent and P2P traffic. You can find such P2P  torrent VPN plans in our Premium offer.


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