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Last updated on December 12th, 2014 in VPN

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Two days ago we have published post about the fact, that everyone regardless of the country live in needs a trustworthy VPN these days. Today, looking through our daily our RSS news feeds we got even more evidence to confirm this statement.

Are we about to say goodbye to net neutrality?

As some of you might know, net neutrality has been something of the unwritten law in the past. It meant that your ISP will not influence in any way how and what content you receive from the internet. What you might not know is that is no longer true in USA. Local, big ISP’s have come to realize, that they might actually make more money when they will block some content or make it work much worse than it used to. The first victim of such ideology was Netflix and its users. While videos from any other services were working fine, users trying to watch Netflix movies were hit with very bad connection speeds(so called throttling). It turned out some ISP’s asked Netflix for additional money for transferring their data to end user. If Netflix would not pay, users would not get quality of service their users paid for.

Now, although EU dose not want to be like USA we might face a similar situation here. As we read in article at The Local, that Anglea Merkel, German Chancellor seems to be in favour of such solutions.

Merkel said that some key services for the digital economy would require reliable transmission quality and should therefore be treated differently than other data.

At the Vodafone-hosted Digitising Europe conference in Berlin, she called for a splitting of services, “one for free internet, and the other for special services”, adding that it was up to Brussels to negotiate how it would work.

In another words… We might end up in situation when you will be able to use only services that do pay (changing its users first!) for being “special”. This also means that if you come up with new site or service that users would love you, being a part of this “free” internet might never get through. Lest imagine if in such conditions Google would allow for YouTube competition to grow?

VPN is a way to stop your ISP today from knowing what company they should charge tomorrow. Get VPN, activate VPN connection, encrypt your data, hide IP address and don’t let anyone know what you do online. Do you want to let your ISP know what services are your favourite? From where most of your traffic and data comes? Privacy and anonymity online will not survive without any action on your part.

Also, consider the fact that with our VPN service you will get additional, free SmartDNS service. This Smart DNS service will allow you to use the internet without borders and content restriction, where the most popular video and music services are concerned.

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