Watch F1 – GP Canada and movies on iPlayer! Save on VPN & SmartDNS

Last updated on June 6th, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

blog-banner-formula1 (1)New weekend with F1 is here so, just as two weeks ago it is time for small remainder about our great F1 VPN promotion. We will tell you how you can watch F1 live online and we will tell you what else you might enjoy. And of course we will tell you that you can save cash on VPN! 

Unblock UK TV online – watch F1 and more!

To watch F1 race on-line you need to have access to either SKY UK or BBC UK. You can have both (although SKY TV will require additional subscription) even if you are not in the UK with HideIPVPN proxy DNS and VPN service. If you live in UK but travel a lot abroad you know the pain, when you turn on your laptop to watch your favourite show (or race) only to find out, that content you chosen to watch is not available (outside UK) in your location. We have perfect, easy and cheap solution to your problem!

Watch UK & US TV and hide your IP!

Get UK VPN! Through VPN server you will be able to hide current IP address and replace it with UK IP. Once your VPN connection is active your own data will be safe and encrypted. This is very useful if you are in hotel using unprotected WiFI network. And because your IP from abroad will be hidden to all visited sites you will be able to connect to the likes of BBC Live TV, Now TV (from SKY) or SKY GO.

UK SmartDNS – if you live permanently abroad

But some of you live permanently abroad, you don’t use unsecured WiFi, you do want to watch British TV on your SmartTV and you do not have a way to setup VPN connection. For such occasion we have a perfect solution for streaming videos – Smart DNS. It is using combination of special DNS server and proxy servers in UK and US. All that is required from user is to get a Premium account, change DNS server address in used device or home router (both as easy as A,B,C – see out SETUP section) and you are set.

SKY and BBC – both with UK VPN and SmartDNS

Now that you have a solution (it is worth to remind you, that our VPN packages include SmartDNS option – so you can have both!) it is time to say when.

As we wrote in our first post about 2014 F1 World Championship UK BBC TV will show 9 races live this year! All the rest can be watched at SKY F1 available on-line via SKY Go  service. GP Canada is a third live race that BBC will show this season. And if you are still not convinced it is worth to invest your cash in SmartDNS or VPN let us add this!

Choose you desired package – VPN (with SmartDNS) or only Smart DNS (in monthly billing cycle). use this code “WATCHF1NOW” during registration and you will get 25% discount! But hey, that is not all!! This discounted price will be available to you on first three months of service.If you’ll decide to stay with us of course, because with HideIPVPN there is no long term contract – you can suspend or cancel your service at any time!

On top of all that there is BBC iPlayer. If you are done with watching race… or waiting for it, why not watch something cool on demand? And don’t forget…. 2014 FIFA World Cup is starting this month and YES, you will be able to watch all BBC football games through our proxy DNS or VPN service!

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