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Last updated on November 10th, 2020 in SmartDNS, VPN

Watch Filmbox Live securely!Safety, privacy and anonymity online are the main goals of our service. This is the quality we want to bring to all your devices on daily basis. At the same time we do our best so that you can get the most out of our VPN service and Smart DNS. Today we are bringing you news about new VOD & TV service. It is called Filmbox Live. Well, let’s see how to watch Filmbox securely.

What is Filmbox Live?

Filmbox Live is a Polish VOD and TV platform. Sort of a cross between Netflix and TVCatchup or similar services. It offers viewers two types of content. First, it is a “traditional” VOD offer. TV shows and movies in HD quality can be watched on demand on many different devices. As with Netflix and other VOD services, you can stop watching at one and continue on another device. Most of the TV shows and movies are available either with Polish lector or dubbing and at the moment it is not possible to change audio track.

What makes Filmbox live different from other VOD platforms is live TV option. At the moment you can choose one of the following 13 channels: DocuBox HD, FightBox HD, fashionBox HD, FilmBox, KinoPolska Muzyka, PL KinoPolska, FilmBox Premium, FilmBox Extra HD, 360 Tune Box, Fast & FunBox, FilmBox Arthouse, FilmBox Family, FilmBox Action HD. In most cases we think channel name gives you an idea of what to expect. All of the above is available to watch for 19.90 zl/month without any long term contract. It is also worth to notice that when you register you only get one free week of trials.

How to watch FilmBox in secure and safe way?

In order to watch FilmBox in truly secure way you need to know or remember how to use the Internet in secure way. The answer to this is very simple. Use encrypted VPN connection. VPN answers most of the problems you may encounter in the web – ISP sniffing, blocked access from certain networks to particular services, breaches of anonymity or dangers of using unsecured, public access points. As we mentioned above FilmBox is a Polish VOD service. For you, that means the need to connect to one of our Polish VPN servers. This way you can change “unsecured” Polish IP to an anonymous IP address. We have also enabled our users to watch FilmBox through our Smart DNS service. You can try our VPN & Smart DNS service for free without any further commitment.

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