Watch first Russian F1 GP live!

Last updated on October 11th, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

F1 Russia Grand Prix 2014 free

Today yet another post about unblocking BBC, watching British TV live online, SmartDNS, VPN and in general quite usual stuff. At the same time, because of recent events in the world politics it will be a bit different. We will ask you some important questions and will want to hear your opinion on the issue.

Smart DNS – unblock and watch UK TV anywhere!

Let’s start with something that is not so controversial. As you know UK BBC shows live some of F1 Grand Prix races this year. Russian GP in Sochi is one before last (penultimate) that you will be able to watch just with our UK VPN servers or SmartDNS service. US Grand Prix and Brazilian Grand Prix will be only available via SmartDNS to those of you with SkyGo access.  In our last post we have introduced changes we have implemented to our VPN service. Right now, you get better pricing on our Super Premium VPN plan and other packages, like UK VPN got much larger selection of VPN servers and UK IP addresses available. This means that there is nothing stopping you from watching BBC or ITV live in Span, Australia, Thailand or wherever you are in the world. To make things even easier, we would recommend checking out TVCatchup competition –

For those of you watching British TV from outside Europe or those of you that might want to watch UK TV channels on big screen TV we recommend our cheap and easy to use SmartDNS service. It is best method to unblock British TV. Smart DNS combines DNS service (servers that know how to transfer internet traffic so that it reaches correct destinations) with very fast proxy servers that will make required content work for you. Also, our F1 VPN Promo  is still in action!!! This means you can still save cash on your brand new SmartDNS plan or both VPN and SmartDNS if you’ll choose VPN package with free SmartDNS bonus.

Watch F1 2014 free at BBC

Russian F1 GP controversy – what do you say?

As probably most of you know Russian foreign policy have changed in the recent months. First we have witnessed how Russia took away Crimea from Ukraine. Than (and still now) we have an open conflict (fuelled by Russian government)  in south-east Ukraine. The pinnacle of all this actions being the shooting down flight MH-17.

In light of all this events we would like to ask for your thought on following questions:

– should F1 go to Russia in the first place or should they boycott Sochi Grand Prix?

– should we take part in this event through watching it?

– or perhaps our boycott of F1 live broadcast from Russia or F1 boycott of the whole event would be pointless as it would not change anything?

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