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Last updated on January 23rd, 2015 in SmartDNS, VPN

NFL NBC Super Bowl 01.02.2015 is a very special Sunday for most Americans. It is a day of Super Bowl – the most important game of the NFL. If you have to leave USA during that time or you are a big NFL fan living outside USA – we got great news!

Unblock USA, unblock NBC!

As you know HideIPVPN is a VPN and Smart DNS provider. Both our services, although designed with a bit different purpose do have some similarities that work for your advantage. In this case they both will allow you to unblock & stream live TV form US.

You can either change your IP address – this is done via encrypted connection to one of our VPN servers located in USA. Or you can simply use unblock USA service called SmartDNS. In this case all that you need to do is to change settings of your DNS server.

We know all this might sound scary, but you will find easy to follow instructions in our “Support” section. Alternatively you can use our Windows or OSX VPN & SmartDNS applications that will do all the “technical stuff” for you. In any case if you’d have ANY QUESTIONS – we are here for you. Contact our support team or find us on Facebook and ask!

With both above mentioned services you will gain free and unrestricted access to all US VOD and music services. On of them is NBC channel and its apps. And as it happens NBC is responsible for this years Super Bowl broadcast.

From what we have learned…. NBC will let you watch Super Bowl XLIX live and for free online!!! Isn’t that great?

With the whole event you will get access to stream of 11 continuous hours of live content on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1.

Form what we understand offer will work on Windows desktops and tablets – at this point we are not sure if other devices will work as well (this might be a special Windows only offer from NBC). The “Super Stream Sunday” event will include NBC’s pre-game coverage, Super Bowl XLIX itself, the halftime show and the post-game show.

Watch Super Bowl with Channel 4

But that is not all. If you happen to have problems streaming directly from NBC, UK Channel 4 will be showing Super Bowl game live! With our UK VPN servers or Smart DNS service you can unblock UK TV as well!. Channel 4 can be watch live via website or the likes of TVCatchup or TVPlayer.

Super VPN & SmartDNS promotion!

Hey! And don’t forget…. for limited time our VPN and SmartDNS packages are available with massive 75% discount – so hurry, get one now!

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