What VPN is right for me? (1)

Last updated on May 5th, 2015 in VPN

which-vpnToday we will try to answer this fairly simple question – what VPN is right for me? Although question seems pretty easy and straightforward answer is a bit more complex. However, in this post we will try to show you how to choose the best VPN that is right for you.

To answer what VPN is right for me…

… it is best to start with some additional questions.


  • Why do I use VPN – for what purpose?
  • On what device will I use VPN?
  • What VPN protocol should I use?
  • Where will I use VPN?

If, after reading our post you will still have doubts regarding choice of your VPN package you can always ask as for help and opinion via live chat or simply start a support ticket via “Client Area“. To make the process easy and efficient, include your answers to questions above. Now that we got basics covered lets try to give you some examples, based on answers to this questions.

What VPN – why do I use VPN?

If you want to use VPN to hide your IP address, your online activity and your real life identity (this can be disclosed via your IP address and its physical location) all VPN plans will be sufficient, however there is the devil is in the detail (we will get back to this  in a moment).

If on the other hand your priority is access to specific sites and services not available in your location – purely for regional blockades – all you need are VPN servers in specific locations. For example, if you want to unblock Netflix or Hulu in USA – you need VPN located in USA as only such server will swap your IP address with US one.

What VPN – what device will be used?

First of all make sure that your device supports VPN connections. If you’d wish to use VPN to watch Netflix or HBO on your TV or game console you might be unpleasantly surprised that your devices do not have VPN support. This means it will not be possible to use VPN at all (worry not, for such occasions we have Smart DNS service!).

More in second part…

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