Why it is so important to be Anonymous Online

Last updated on May 23rd, 2017 in VPN

Why it is so important to be Anonymous OnlineGiven the large number of benefits of it, it comes as no surprise that the modern man just cannot do without the internet. Everything has become simple as any piece of information is just a keystroke away. One can work on anything without having the need to back it up continuously as there are cloud storage services like Google Drive that offer huge storage space for their users. From being the biggest source of information to being the fastest way to communicate with one another, the internet has changed things for good.

However, unethical use of the internet has also seen it become the breeding place of some of the most notorious criminals in the world. Cyber-attacks and cyber espionage are amongst the biggest threats that people face today. The internet, despite being the provider of countless benefits, is thought of as a dangerous place due to the activity of some people. The simplest way one can cause you most harm is by stealing your identity. This makes keeping your identity private absolutely vital in today’s world.

Importance of being anonymous online

There are many threats to an individual while he or she is surfing on the internet. By simply clicking on a link, you could inadvertently disclose your personal information to someone who tries to use it for ill purposes. While you use the internet, there are those who try to steal your data by finding out your identity and misusing it. There are even those who monitor your activity whilst you remain online. We first look at the threats one faces while being online:


Hackers constantly try to invade in on a person’s privacy and steal his personal information. Everyone knows how common it is to hear about someone’s email account being compromised. Such identity thefts are the most common forms of abusing of an individual’s privacy. A hacker could find out your personal or financial information if he were to gain access to your email account. Using attacks like a Man-in-the-middle attack, hackers can even intercept a user’s financial information while he or she tries to make an online payment. That’s why it is very important to use VPN when you’re using a free public Wi-Fi.


The term is used in a generic manner here. This includes all those who try to monitor your internet activity constantly and find out your location. The usual suspects of this are, shockingly, the governments running nations all over the world. Yes, there is a high chance that your government monitors your internet activity, reads all your emails and messages, and maintains detailed databases about your identity and activity. The exposing of the NSA’s policy on internet censorship has brought to light the extent to which governments can go to invade people’s privacy in the name of preserving national security. Even websites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, track your internet activity while you are using those websites. Governments tend to ask such websites to provide the details of users’ activity on the internet.

How Remaining Anonymous Helps you

– It makes it difficult for any tracker to monitor your internet activity and eavesdrop on your conversations, emails, etc.

– Makes it difficult for hackers to find your identity and use it to steal data.

– Helps you get around content blocks that the government might impose on you (countries like China censor internet heavily)


Many people know that a lot of information about them can be found on the internet. This is an invasion on their privacy as details like their address, phone numbers and pictures are illegitimately acquired and made available on the internet. This can lead to someone harassing an individual. Even governments are known to keep an eye on all their citizens via the internet. It is therefore vital that you remain anonymous while being online.

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