Good news for Windows Phone 8 users!

Last updated on February 17th, 2014 in SmartDNS, VPN

VPN WP8Windows Phone users do not have an easy life. Although system itself is very good it lacks on some features. Some of them are very important, some are less but the fact is that iOS and Android are on the better side of things. It must be quite frustrating sometimes no to be able to do stuff. We are certain it is also quite annoying for our clients. One of the best VPN offers on the market and they are unable to use their access to US VPN or UK VPN on their mobile phones. What is more, WP8 is not only limited to lack of VPN. It also lacks any other more advanced network settings. The only thing you can actually use is access to the internet via proxy server (let us know if you want detailed instruction of “How to setup proxy server on Windows Phone). Unfortunately proxy on Windows Phone 8 does not change much. You will be able to use Internet Explorer browser but applications (for example Crackle – free video streaming service with Sony content) will not benefit from this in any way.

Windows Phone – easiest for unlocking app store regions

All the above makes it even worse when you realize that this is the mos user friendly system, when it comes to download applications from other regions. In iOS you need to have few different user accounts in iTunes in order to download free apps (like Netflix, Crackle or BBC iPlayer), Android can be even more trouble some as the first thing you need to do is to root your phone and then get another app to cheat your GSM operator code.

WP8 requires only 1 thing. You simply need to change region in your phone settings and restart your device. But how can this be useful today?

As you know, HideIPVPN offer two types of services. VPN (to hide IP address) and SmartDNS for easy unblocking video and music geo-blocked sites. Although you will not be able to use SmartDNS on your phone directly, you can change DNS settings of your home router. This way if you download one of the above mentioned apps (more detailed instructions can be found on our blog) you will be able to enjoy fully unblocked services.

VPN is coming to Windows Phone 8.1

But not all is lost. In April, at Build conference Microsoft will introduce band new, big update to current system. Windows Phone will jump from to 8.1 version. Beside many other new features (list is really big!) it will, finally bring full VPN support to all WP 8.1 devices. Best of all, all current WP8 devices will be updated!

We are unable to tell you at this point if DNS change will also be possible, but we strongly believe it will be and that you will be able to unblock you favourite sites with Smart DNS proxy service.

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