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Last updated on July 10th, 2015 in Setup, VPN

HelpCenterWelcome to HideIPVPN. Your privacy and quality of our services are the most important for us. So if you started using VPN and your internet speed became much lower then without VPN connection, please follow check-list below to improve VPN connection speed.

Before starting check-list we want to let you know that this year we have done a lot to make our service better than ever. We have upgraded all our VPN servers to a higher specification standard. Right now, they are all capable of giving user up to 1 Gbps of unlimited bandwidth. Here you can reed more about it.

Great upgrades to become the best VPN service

So first of all you must know that the speed of your VPN connection depends on you ISP speed.

1. Try to use different protocol to connect. HideIPVPN software offers you a choice of 4 different VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP. Also you can try to connect through one of the best vpn protocols: SoftEther. This protocol encrypt your traffic in different way than others.


Your VPN connection speed may increase. For a better understanding please watch our video speed test using different VPN protocols:

  • SoftEther vs OpenVPN

  • SoftEther vs PPTP

  • SoftEther vs SSTP

2. Next try to connect to another server also with different VPN protocols.


Choosing the right server for your connection is very important. The distance between your location and the location of the server you are connecting to, will increase or decrease your speed essentially. For example you are in London and try to connect to one of our USA servers. The best choice is our New York server. For those from Asia, Australia, Japan or New Zealand for sure the best choice is our LA server.


Here is a small map with locations of our USA servers.

US1 United States, Manassas
US2 United States, Los Angeles
US3 United States, San Jose
US4 United States, Buffalo
US5 United States, Langhorne
US6 United States, Santa Ana
US7 United States, Chicago
US8 United States, New York
US9 United States, Manassas

Try to choose VPN server closest to your physical location.


3.  If none of above points helped you please contact us through live-chat or submit a ticket in client area. (How to submit a ticket?)

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